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Yoga What You Need To Know

Training | 1 MIN READ

You will see that yoga is everywhere as a top trend for stress busting and aiding symptoms of depression - as mentioned in The Daily Mail. The disciplines within yoga will reduce your blood pressure, improve your breathing to aid in relaxation and give you a better posture; therefore making you more aware of your body. At Dolphin Fitness we have five varieties of yoga, giving you a wide choice to pick the yoga that’s right for you.

Iyengar quote

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This yoga focuses predominantly on the connection between breathing and moving. It involves slow, dance like movements – The ideal class for winding down. Suitable for beginner to adept.

Vinyasa - Image courtesy of Joel Nilsson Nelson Vinyasa - Image courtesy of Joel Nilsson Nelson

Yin Yoga

This style of yoga is mainly for ligaments, bones and joints as opposed to the focus on muscles that other styles of yoga have. It can be more difficult than other styles, mainly because poses are held for long periods of time.

Iyengar Yoga

This style focuses on precision and alignment with quality of movement being emphasised more so than quantity. Tight muscles are stretched and relaxed in positions; this style is often referred to as ‘meditation in action’

Hatha Yoga

This class is very gentle and basic and focuses on relaxation techniques. It involves slow paced stretching and breathing. This is the ideal class for beginners and those after a slow and unwinding experience.

 Dynamic Yoga

Dynamic yoga is seen as energising and awakening. The style focuses on the combination of sensitivity and sensation and is ideal if you have already done Hatha yoga and want a new challenge.

You can find out about our yoga classes at DSQ gym (formerly known as Dolphin  Square Gym).