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Four steps to mindful living in lockdown

Stress | 2 MIN READ

During what is a tough time for so many people across the country and the world, a lot of things become highlighted that we can no longer do. Seeing your friends, going out for a walk in many people’s cases and taking part in sports and leisurely activities. All things that we once massively took for granted!

So, what can we do to keep ourselves active, and remain in good physical and mental health? If you look outside your comfort zone, there’s plenty!


Finding a new hobby is possibly the easiest way to keep yourself entertained during times of boredom. Whether that is dusting down that old acoustic guitar and trying to learn those songs you never quite mastered or maybe taking up baking - an easy way to score brownie points with the family or housemates who you’re now sharing your precious space with.


Reading is another easy way to tackle boredom during times of unrest. It’s excellent for stimulating your brain and helping to rid the body of any stress and anxiety you may be experiencing. So, find that book that suits you best. The one where after every page you read, the only thing you want to do is quickly get to the next. f you can’t get to a library or you don’t have access to any books near you, there are plenty of E-Books you can access online or on a Kindle/iPad.


Another fantastic way to kill time, relieve stress and to stay both mentally and physically healthy is by doing home workouts. Exercising, no matter where you do it and how long you do it for, releases oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins which give you that feel good factor. They are the body’s natural drug and during times of boredom, stress, anxiety and depression, these hormones will go a long way in keeping you mentally strong during tough times. As for the physical benefits? Well we all know how important exercise is for cardiovascular, muscular and joint health and countless more bodily functions.

4) Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are both globally famous for their healing and calming powers. Within yoga and meditation, there are hundreds of different styles and ways of practicing which all do different things. With a simple bit of online research, you could find a form of yoga for back pain or a way of meditation to clear your mind. And with YouTube at our disposal yoga and meditation have never been so easily accessible. The benefits really are noticeable, whether you’ve done one hour or one hour a day for a week. If you’re struggling to sleep, either yoga or meditation could be a great way to combat this. Start by putting aside 10 minutes a day and seeing if it makes a difference.