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Victoria to Pimlico: Your essential travel guide

London | 4 MIN READ

Living in London, you start to take the transport system for granted. Once you learn how the vast city patchwork connects up with itself, getting from A to B starts to feel simple. It becomes habitual, and you forget what it was like early on.

In this short article, we’re going to take a step back from our integrated local mindset. Instead, we’re going to give detailed instructions on getting from Victoria to Pimlico: A much-used route connecting two of the city’s most prestigious neighbourhoods.

While it may appear simple to those familiar with the city, our aim is to help new.

Victoria to Pimlico: Everything you need for a successful commute

1. Types of transport in London

In London, you’ve got a lot of options. Perhaps most obvious is the Underground network: A vast and historical web of lines and trains that connect up the entire city. The Underground map is an iconic medley of colour, and the station aesthetic is famous around the world. Navigating the system can be daunting for first-timers, though.

As well as the Underground we’ve got buses, taxis, pushbikes, and riverboats. Then, of course, are your feet. In a city where every street taps into hundreds of years of history, walking is an option you should definitely not discount.

2. Travelling times and distances

A successful journey in London requires an understanding of how long it will take to get from A to B. While leisure journeys don’t have strict time demands, commutes and other types of journey will do. With this in mind, don’t commend yourself to the city without having some idea of how long your journey might take.

Using Victoria to Pimlico as an example, we’ve pulled the following journey times from Google Maps. This app, along with others like CityMapper and the TFL Journey Planner website use complex APIs and algorithms to determine the most efficient route between places. We highly recommend making use of them.

Travel times from Victoria Station to Pimlico Station are as follows:

  • Ten minutes on foot, about half a mile.
  • Six minutes by bus: The number 24, or the number 507.
  • Two minutes on the underground: Just one stop!
  • Four minutes by taxi.
  • About six minutes on a pushbike.

3. Best routes between Victoria and Pimlico

Once you’ve got an idea of travel times, it’s time to pick your method of transport. As you can see, even with two places fairly close to each other, travel times vary between different modes of transport. The quickest isn’t always the most pleasant, either: In this instance, we’d probably advise walking, and enjoying the scenery on the way!

One of the best things about London is how much there is to see. By prioritising walking or cycling (using the expensive Santander Bikes scheme), you open up the possibility of seeing some truly incredible things. Keep an eye out for blue plaques commemorating historical events, statues, famous facades, and much more.

Apps like Google Maps and Citymapper give you the option to browse different routes once you’ve decided which method of transport to take. Sometimes a slightly longer tube journey will be less busy than the direct option, for example. Or why not mix up your walking route to explore more of the city?

4. Best times to travel in London

In case you’re not aware, London is a busy place! And, at certain times of day, the volume of people trying to get around multiplies enormously. The most obvious times are rush hour: The times of day where people are commuting to and from work.

Despite the name, rush hour usually lasts a few hours. Expect travel to take longer and journeys to be busier during the morning (6.30-9.30, roughly) and evening (4-7, roughly). These times overlap with peak times, and you’ll pay more to travel during these periods. This is designed to discourage people from travelling during the busiest times unless absolutely necessary.

While rush hour is less prominent over the weekend, these days are often busier than weekdays because of an influx of tourists and leisure visits.

Google Maps and other journey planner apps advise on the busiest times of day, so make use of these tools when planning your trip. This is especially important if you don’t enjoy the prospect of being crammed into a tube train with hundreds of commuters.

5. Key information

There are a few other things to be aware of when travelling in London -

  • Most of the city falls into the Congestion Charge zone: Here you’ll have to pay £15 for driving in the capital, unless your car meets strict emissions standards. Learn more here.
  • Travelcards and other prepaid tickets present a great way to save money when using public transport in London. If you plan to make multiple journeys in a day, you stand to benefit from the cost cap, especially when compared to paying for multiple single tickets. Learn more here.
  • Various railcards and other discounts are available for young people, families, people with disabilities, and more. These offer percentage discounts on travel and can quickly amount to huge savings. Learn more here.
  • You can load travelcards onto Oyster Cards, but nowadays you can also just use your contactless bank card to pay for transport in the capital. What’s more, the fare cap also applies, making this an incredibly convenient way to pay. Learn more here.

If you’re planning to use Uber or other taxi apps, make sure to download the app and connect your bank card before you travel. Trying to do this when you’re in a rush to be somewhere can be very frustrating.

There you have it

Travelling in London can be daunting, especially for newcomers to the city, but there are myriad tips and tricks to make the experience less of a hassle. As you get familiar with the city, the transport network, and the various ways of getting from A to B, you’ll quickly find yourself becoming a naturalised pro.

The apps, websites, and tips in this guide are just a small handful of those available to help you make smoother journeys around the capital. 

If you’re planning a visit to London, we’d love to host you at Dolphin Square. Our prestigious serviced apartments make the perfect base for a day of exploration around the capital. We’ve got fantastic transport links, being just a short walk from Pimlico Station, several bus stops, taxi ranks, Santander Bike stands, and even a riverboat stop!

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