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8 Reasons why short stay accommodation is ideal for your secondment to London

London | 4 MIN READ

London is the base for many seconded professionals. This comes as no surprise, considering that “... of the 201 Fortune Global 500 companies that have a headquarters in Europe, 114 had located them in the UK, of which 111 were in London and the Wider South East.” 

Being offered a secondment opportunity is an exciting career prospect not afforded to many.   With such a big choice comes a lot of consideration. You’ve already taken the big decision to temporarily relocate to London, and our blog will help you make the transition of your relocation a bit easier.

Read on to discover why short stay accommodation is the ideal solution for temporary work-related relocation to the bustling English capital.

Making the Most of Your Secondment to London

Other than a promotion, a secondment is one of the most exciting career opportunities you can be afforded.  

Being selected to spearhead a new department, oversee an exciting new project, or join a completely different team or organisation comes with its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. 

Below, we share some practical advice and tips for making your transition to your seconded role as smooth as possible.

Introduce yourself to your new colleagues

Whether you’re joining a new organisation, or simply a new department, it’s always good to get to know your future colleagues ahead of time. You might want to reach out through social networking. Simply search for the new organisation you’ll be joining and ‘view all employees’ on LinkedIn. Send a tailored connection request introducing yourself along with your new title, and open the door to some engaging conversations. 

Research new programs or software you will be using

Ask your current and new managers, team members or colleagues about the software and programs you will be using. In all likelihood, you’ll be provided with formal training on the new software and systems, but it won’t hurt to do some research into them in the time leading up to your secondment.

Assess your professional goals

Perhaps one of the reasons you were selected for the secondment to London is because of your professional ambition. You may have been selected on the potential your career development holds, and it’s a great idea to reassess your own career goals and align them with your secondment. Find opportunities in your temporary relocation that will support your career ambitions, and incorporate them into your day to day activities. A secondment is a great opportunity for you to showcase your skills and capabilities, so make the most of it. 

Be open to lots of new changes

A change of this nature requires agility and adaptability. Be open to learning new skills, new programs, and getting to know new people. You might surprise yourself with the new capabilities you uncover during your secondment; who knows, you might decide to permanently relocate to London after your temporary work assignment!

Corporate let

Short Stay Accommodation for Secondments in London: The Benefits

Finding the right accommodation solution for your temporary relocation shouldn’t take up unnecessary time and energy. For this reason, we’ve decided to share the 8 most pertinent benefits of choosing short stay apartment rentals as your preferred accommodation when temporarily relocating for work.

1) Ease of commute

Choosing a central London location for your secondment to London will help you in many ways. 

A central location will cut down your commute time significantly - freeing up valuable time that you can spend more productively elsewhere. 

Furthermore, choosing a short stay apartment location outside of the congestion zone will help you save a considerable amount on congestion zone charges - which can stack up very quickly with daily commutes into London’s congestion zone.

2) Home away from home

Hotels may seem appealing for temporary work relocation, but you might soon find yourself longing for home comforts and a sense of familiarity in your space. Our corporate apartments offer the ideal solution to this situation. Dolphin Square’s apartments are fitted with modern furnishings, and offer a true sense of community to all our tenants and residents. What’s more, you can decorate your apartment to add a touch of personality and flair that will make your stay all the more memorable.

3) Amenities & appliances included

Your accommodation for temporary work relocation needs to be as inclusive as possible. Nobody wants the added stress of needing to find furniture and appliances for such a short period in a rental apartment. 

Our corporate apartments come fully kitted out with all you could possibly need to make your stay as practical as possible. Additionally - we offer our residents and tenants access to our on-site gym, bar and grill, and Moroccan spa

Our Pimlico corporate apartments offer the ultimate convenience - you need not leave the building for leisure time if you don’t want to!

4) London sightseeing & attractions

By choosing a prime London location, you’ll have easy access to transport links throughout the city. You’ll want to spend your weekends enjoying your new city, exploring, and making the most of the new experience. 

Dolphin Square’s prime Pimlico location gives you unbridled access to easily commute to major attractions - from Westminster to Big Ben, and everything in between. They do say it’s all about location - so choose wisely to make the most out of your working visit to the capital!

5) Ability to work productively from home

Your secondment may allow for working from home, a perk many of us have come to appreciate. A big part of productively working from home depends on your internet access. Our corporate apartments come pre-fitted with high-speed WiFi access, enabling you to work as well from home as you would in the office.

6) Having family & friends over at the weekend

Regardless of how long or short your secondment period is, you may want to have some family or friends over during your stay. 

Our Central London location is conveniently situated near all connecting transport links, so whether you’re looking forward to an active day out at Holland Park London with the children in tow, or you’re in the mood to explore the finest cuisine Westminster has to offer, you’re guaranteed an easy commute from your Dolphin Square corporate apartment.

7) Local amenities

“When in Rome…” There’s no better way to acclimate to a new environment than by exploring it. Pimlico has a plethora of exciting restaurants, pubs, and specialist eateries you can indulge in after a busy workday at the office. 

Choosing a Pimlico location for your secondment to London places you in the heart of one of the best upcoming cities to live and work in, and will give you a great way to focus on that work-life balance you’re striving for - all while enjoying a brand new tipple from one of Pimlico’s famous wine bars.

8) Extended stay

Our corporate apartments are available for extended stays. If your secondment period is extended, simply extend your tenancy with us. No need to scramble to find a new apartment, no need to re-settle and find new routes to the office. Simply let us know, and you can stay on as long as you like (or need) without compromising on quality.

Your home away from home awaits

Congratulations on being selected for a secondment to London. A truly exciting time for your career and for yourself personally, we are dedicated to helping you make the most of your time in Central London. 

Our lettings team are available to answer all your questions and help you relocate without any hassles.

Be sure to book a viewing on our corporate apartments today. We can’t wait to welcome you to your new home away from home!