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Four essential tips for professionals moving to London

London | 4 MIN READ

The London love-affair: Wherever you’re from, few can resist the draw to the capital, and it’s easy to see why! As the nation’s biggest city and one of Europe’s accessible playgrounds, London really does have it all. Whether you’ve touched your toe in London’s waters before, or you’re diving in having never been before, we can help find you the best places to live and visit when you decide on moving to London.

Of course, moving to London can be scary as well as exciting. That’s why we’re here to help – and ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Essential Tips For Professionals

1. Get your accommodation sorted

It’s always the first thing to tick off the list and is arguably the most important. Few venture to London without having organised their accommodation first, and with such competition around the best spots, it pays to get in early if you can. Here at Dolphin Square lets, we’re used to being in demand, which comes with the territory of being situated in Pimlico: One of London’s most desirable areas.

Not only has the area played host to a whole range of famous people – Churchill, Laurence Olivier and Laura Ashley have all been residents – but its beautiful architecture, green spaces and well-connected transport links make it both a personal choice and a practical one. Pimlico is also close to some of London’s iconic landmarks, from Battersea Power Station to Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. And, for those who want a room with a view, the River Thames runs behind the complex.

2. Count up the cost of living

While it’s essential to go with your gut and trust your instincts, a move should really be grounded in reality – in other words, your budget. London can seem expensive at first glance, and many cite commuting, renting and sightseeing costs as negatives. However, this isn’t always the case, as our moving to London tips highlight…

  • Eating: Although London does have some of the world’s best restaurants – who could forget The Ivy? – it also has popular takeaways and restaurant chains for more affordable eating.
  • Sightseeing: This can be done cheaply if you’re willing to walk, rent a bike from one of the city’s many cycle schemes, or use a tour bus company.
  • Accommodation: We think Pimlico’s Dolphin Square is fantastic value for money – not only does it come with extras like a gym and pool (more on that later), but it’s in London’s zone 1, which means that if you’re working in the city, you’ll likely have minimal travel involved.
  • Culture: Many of London’s most magnificent places are totally free, from Hyde Park to galleries, such as parts of the Tate.
  • Commuting: As outlined above, you might not have to travel far at all, if you choose Dolphin Square – and London operates an Oyster card travel system, which has a daily cap to prevent you spending more than you need to.

3. Get into a good routine

If it’s your first time striking out alone, it can be hard to get into a good habit with working, socialising, and sleeping – and you’ll also need to factor in some me-time along the way. Professionals moving to London can help build a routine to suit them. As a city that never sleeps, you’ll find transport does go on into the small hours, and some shops stay open later, too. You’ll also find various parks open at all hours for some early morning exercise, and many gyms, too (not forgetting that we offer a gym at our Dolphin Square complex).

4. Set realistic expectations

Wherever you’re from, London is likely to be a more expensive place to live, all things considered. While we’ve outlined some ways to get around this previously, in some situations, it’s unavoidable that you might need to spend a bit more money.

However, when you dig a little deeper, you’ll see you’re still getting great value for money – services, experiences and opportunities in a bustling, vibrant city. It’s also worth looking into schemes like the Santander cycles or bike-to-work to save where you can, or annual travel passes if you do live further out from the city. You might find, though, that if you live out of the city, you’ll come into it nearly every day anyway, as there’s so much to see and do here – that’s why central accommodation, like Dolphin Square, could actually save you money in the long-run.

Five reasons to choose us

We’ve mentioned Dolphin Square throughout our article as we hand-on-heart believe it’s the best way to get the most out of living and working in this incredible city, especially for professionals moving to London. Still not convinced? Here’s what we can offer you:

  • Luxury accommodation: Beautiful buildings, an affluent area and lovely surroundings, without the price tag. There’s even a communal outdoor area to soak up the sun and socialise in.
  • Fitness & wellbeing hub: Anyone for tennis? Or squash for that matter? Besides having courts for these two popular sports, Dolphin Square also boasts a gym, pool and spa.
  • Super secure: 24-hour security gives you peace of mind and safety at all times, whether you’re home or away.
  • Private parking: Ideal for those with a car – or for visiting friends. We’re also outside the congestion zone.
  • Little extras: From our very own bar and grill to a shopping arcade, you’ll never be lost for things to do, and the best news? They’re right on your doorstep.

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Next steps

In this article, we hope we’ve given you some useful moving to London tips. Lots of people decide to live and work here in this great city every day, but knowing a bit more about what to expect can help you make the right decision for you.

To talk to us about our Dolphin Square complex, give our friendly team a message today. We know home is where the heart is – and we have definitely put ours into creating this stunning luxury accommodation!