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10 Key features to look out for when renting a 2 bedroom flat in London

London | 8 MIN READ

Searching for a 2 bedroom flat in London can seem to be a mammoth task. All the aspects a prospective tenant needs to consider can seem overwhelming at first, especially if you’re new to the competitive London rental market.

The fact that you’ve already decided on the size of the apartment you need means you’ve done your due diligence: your London apartment rental search is nearly over! 

As London rental experts, we’ve created this blog as a one-stop resource to help you get more value from your rental spend. Using our years of experience and unmatched expertise, we will be sharing ten key features you should be looking for when viewing 2 bedroom apartments in the capital.

10 Features To Look Out For In Your Two-Bedroom Flat

One of the most important steps in finding your ideal London flat is to assess how the features of the apartment will serve your own unique needs. We also understand that this can often be overlooked in favour of “more pressing” aspects - such as obtaining the right documents to rent a flat in the first instance. 

Below, we have listed ten key features - divided up into “internal” and “external” features - to assist you in finding the best 2 bedroom apartments in London.

Flat in Central London

5 Internal Features for 2 Bedroom Flats in London

1) 2 bedroom London Flats: Layout

The square footage of each 2 bedroom apartment is likely to differ - not only between buildings, but also between different apartments within the same building. However, it’s not always true that a larger square footage will result in more space. 

Take a closer look at how the room has been laid out. Will you be able to re-arrange furniture the way you want to, or will you be restricted? 

If your second room is going to be used as a working space - is there sufficient room to include a work desk, or will a bed fill up the space entirely? Similarly, if your second room is intended for two children to share, will there be enough room to comfortably add two single beds and some practical storage?

A proper assessment of the apartment layout will give you a good idea of how practical it will be to live in the space. Often, the best way to properly determine if they space will work for you is to book an in-person viewing, and take some photos. This allows you the time to go over the layout after your viewing, and using the precise measurements in conjunction with the photo’s, you’ll be able to determine if that apartment layout is right for you.

2. Appliances in 2 bedroom London Flats

In most cases, ‘white appliances’ are included with 2 bedroom London rental flats. The most important white appliances to have are a fridge,  freezer (or a combination), a washing machine - and if you’re lucky - a dishwasher. Ovens and hobs are almost always included with a rental. 

That being said, it’s important to confirm with the agent or landlord that the appliances are in fact part and parcel of the rental agreement. It’s also important to take note of their condition on your move in day, and enquire beforehand as to whether you’ll be responsible for any mechanical or electrical faults with the appliances. Take photos of each appliance with a timestamp; this will help you prove their condition upon your move in, and help you keep any move-out costs low.

A quick pro tip - ask the agent or landlord if you require liability insurance or home contents insurance to cover any loss or damage to these appliances, or if their existing policies cover it already.

3. Storage space in London flats

Storage space can often be seen as a premium feature for rented property. More specifically, small spaces can be difficult enough to make work for different types of lifestyles.

It’s important to find a two-bedroom flat with sufficient storage space that suits your own needs. Walk-in closets are a premium feature in London apartments. It is rare that you will find a two bedroom apartment with its own built-in cupboards, and the trick to overcoming this is to utilise the ‘nooks and crannies’.

Look for open areas that you could make better use of for storing smaller items, and leave the larger, pre-allocated storage areas for bulky items. If you own a bicycle, it might be worthwhile to ask if there is an on-site bicycle shed storage facility - allowing you to free up a lot of space inside your apartment.

By assessing your existing storage options and adding your own storage containers, you’ll avoid the need to upsize to a larger apartment (3 bedroom apartments, for example) by maximising the options available to you. 

Some great ideas for DIY storage spaces include:

  • Free standing closets.
  • Adding tension rods to the insides of your kitchen cupboards.
  • Using shoe racks in your designated storage space to stack shoes and other items vertically.
  • Well placed chests of drawers.
  • A coffee table with built-in storage.
  • Storage ottomans in the bedrooms.
  • Under-bed storage containers.

4. Reliable Internet Access in London

Internet access has become a key deciding factor for those looking to rent apartments in London; this is especially true since the introduction of 5G. 

Some London properties - particularly new-build 2 bed flats, come pre-fitted with internet connections. It is less common to find a London rental property that requires you to install your own connection, but it is not unheard of. In this instance, it’s best to determine early on if your potential rental property has a working landline at the minimum. This will allow you to purchase internet options once you have moved in.

A reliable internet connection is vital for tenants who will be working from home, those who have poor mobile phone reception inside the four walls of their flat, and those who will need a reliable connection to contact family and friends.

It’s a good idea to ask the letting agent or landlord if your internet is bundled into the monthly rental fee, or if they offer it at an additional cost. Ask them if there is a limit on your monthly internet usage (if it is included in the rental fee), if it is wireless - and lastly - if there isn't a landline - you will need to obtain explicit permission to install one.

5. Quality finishes in two-bedroom London flats

It’s all about the detail. Pictures can be misleading, outdated, or just very well-posed. 

Our immediate suggestion is to always book an in-person viewing of any potential flats before committing. Physically attending a viewing will allow you the chance to take a closer look at the condition of the finishings, furniture, and facilities of your London flat. 

Potential issues to keep a close eye on include:

  • Signs of pest or rodent infestation
  • The condition of the windows - is there any condensation? This might indicate a potential humidity issue and subsequent mould problem.
  • Check each tap / faucet. Look for leaks and water pressure stability. Also check that the hot water taps actually produce hot water!
  • Water damage can be a huge problem for tenants. Look for signs of water damage on walls, inside cupboards, behind bulky furniture and of course on the floor.
  • Check the heating / cooling systems and ensure they have been recently serviced.
  • Black mould is a major health hazard - look for signs of previous black mould. 
  • Electrical safety and gas safety is paramount. Ask for electrical (EPC) and gas safety certification.
  • Check the locking mechanisms of the doors and windows, and ensure there are keys for all locks.
  • Peeling and chipped paint are signs of neglect and must be fixed before you move in.

Bedroom In Apartment

5 External Features for 2 Bedroom Flat in London

6. Transport links near your London rental

Whether you’ve relocated to London for work, as a change of scenery, or to study, you’ll need access to transport links to get around the city. The proximity of your London rental apartment to transport hubs will play a big role in the day-to-day practicality of your location. 

At Dolphin Square, we are proudly located on the doorstep of Pimlico Tube Station. This allows our residents unparalleled convenience and access to the London Tube, making their travel in and out of London boroughs that much easier. 

We are also located in proximity to excellent transport access to London’s three major airports, making international travel a breeze.

Remember that your daily, weekly, and monthly commutes play a major role in your rental satisfaction. If you travel frequently, this will play a key role in finding your ideal London apartment.

7. The prime location for 2 bedroom apartments in London

London is a huge area. The rental prices can differ greatly depending on the area. If you want to get more value for your money, without sacrificing on beautiful bustling locations, we recommend you properly assess the area you’re looking to move into. 

Many residents enjoy being close to attractions, as well as bars and restaurants. Others may want to be in close proximity to shopping centres, while some simply appreciate the convenience of being close to the city centre (without being directly in it!)

Assess how close your potential rental is located to schools, major motorways, arenas, and shopping centres. This is a good indication of how busy your immediate outside environment will be, and the noise levels you might come to expect. 

An excellent idea for those who want the convenience of living in a bustling centre, but are less appreciative of the noise levels - is to invest in a ‘white noise machine’. This is a great way to drown out the sounds of the outside world, and allow for a more peaceful day indoors. 

Also have a look at the bordering neighbourhoods: Pimlico, where Dolphin Square is located, borders Westminster, Chelsea and Kensington. This gives you great access to major attractions, night life, and retail.

We also offer great on site amenities - you need not leave the building if you don’t want to!

8. Generous outdoor space in London

Outdoor space is a luxury in London. Many of us are familiar with the physical and mental health benefits associated with fresh air and walking. It can be  a challenge to find green spaces in the bustling city, and more often than not, London tenants will need to commute to a green space to enjoy it.

Our residents make great use of our idyllic 3.5 acres of garden space - which they all have full access to. No pre-booking, no commute, plenty of greenery, and unbridled space to enjoy nature - all on your doorstep. 

What’s more is that when you rent a two bedroom apartment in London from Dolphin Square, you will have the incredible opportunity to be located on the doorstep of the River Thames. Our location is truly unmatched in terms of affordability, features, accessibility, and of course, scenery.

9. Fitness Centers &  Swimming Pools in London

Conveniently located fitness centres are a major drawcard for London renters. Not everyone enjoys a run through the city; many prefer indoor gyms and fitness facilities they can attend in bad weather, and during off-peak hours. 

If this is important to your decision, it’s a good idea to use your favourite map app or navigation tool to conduct a virtual walk-through, to help you determine the feasibility of signing up to your nearest gym.

At Dolphin Square, we have an impressive on site-gym along with tennis and squash courts. This provides the ultimate convenience for our residents - you don’t need to leave the building to get your daily fitness fix! 

If you prefer a more relaxed approach to wellbeing, our on-site Moroccan spa offers exceptional treatments to help you unwind after a busy day or week, all in the comfort of your immediate surroundings.

10. Parking Allocations for 2 bedroom London flats

If you own or lease a vehicle and intend on relocating to London, it's worthwhile to familiarise yourself with congestion zones and ensure that your prospective rental offers on-site (or at least nearby) parking options. 

Finding rented accommodation in London that includes a designated parking space is almost unheard of. There is a lot of restriction on where, when, and how you can park your vehicle. We’ve addressed this issue through our undercover parking area. For a nominal fee, you have access to your own parking space - freeing you up from the hassle of finding a new spot each day, or facing potentially big fines for parking in undesignated areas.

Your ultimate 2 bedroom London flat awaits

We are dedicated to helping you find the best two bedroom apartments for your stay in London. Whether it’s your first time renting in the capital, or you’re a seasoned London renter, we are here to provide you with the support and solutions to your rental needs.

We take great pride in the quality of our apartments, our on-site amenities and facilities, and have taken every possible measure to ensure you get the most value from your time renting in London. Regardless of your specific requirements, we are confident we have the right solution to fit your needs and your budget. 

Why not book a viewing today, or contact us to find out more about our prestigious London apartments?