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A guide to finding Pimlico apartments for your stay in London

London | 5 MIN READ

Anyone who has rented an apartment before will agree that perhaps the most tedious aspect of hunting for the right accommodation is the search itself. There are many checkboxes to fill during the process of apartment hunting - from deciding on the right location and determining the rental price affordability, through to scouring listing pages for the most facility-filled apartments.

Finding the right apartment that suits your specific requirements does not need to be an overwhelming task. As specialists in the rental field, we are proud to share our expertise and experience with you as a way to help support you when looking for apartments in Pimlico, London.

In our blog, we will discuss the 5 main considerations to make when you’re searching for the ideal Pimlico apartment rental, and offer practical advice to help expedite the process.

How To Find Pimlico Apartments For Your Stay In London

Determine Affordability

The first step to finding the ideal Pimlico apartment is to determine the affordability. Be realistic about your budget - factoring in expenses other than your rent. 

We recommend taking the time to detail your income versus expenses as a starting point. 

Costs that you will need to consider during the budgeting phase include fixed expenses, such as phone bills, student loans, credit card expenses, and car payments. Next, consider your lifestyle costs and variable expenses. These financial commitments include your weekly grocery shop, clothing, and of course entertainment. You will also need to allocate a certain portion of your budget to rental costs (other than rent) - which can include council tax and utilities (gas, water & electricity).

Once you’ve determined your monthly costs, set a budget that will allow you to comfortably service those existing costs and find a rental within your price range. Choosing an overpriced London apartment can have dire financial consequences. 

A top tip for choosing the right apartment is to look at what would be included in your monthly rental costs. Inclusions such as housekeeping and access to free gym memberships will significantly reduce the amount you need to allocate in addition to rent, and help keep costs low.

Research The Neighbourhood

Once you’ve got a better understanding of how much you can realistically spend on your rent per month, you can start to research the neighbourhood you want to live in. 

A great way to conduct meaningful research on neighbourhoods is through a quick Google search for that area. For example, if you have your heart set on living in Mayfair, your research might help you uncover that the competitive rental market has driven up the average rent price in this location to an average of £3,928 for a two-bedroom property. In stark comparison, average rental prices in Pimlico - within walking distance from Mayfair - boasts an average rental price of around £2,075

By drawing these simple yet eye-opening contrasts between two seemingly similar neighbourhoods, you’ll have the ability to choose the more affordable option without sacrificing on your own personal neighbourhood preferences. 

Another good idea when researching your future neighbourhood is to get an indication of the noise levels, peak traffic times, proximity to schools, proximity to transport links, and of course your commute to work each day. Using your favourite map or navigation app, you can conduct a virtual walkthrough of the area, and get a good idea of how much time you’d need to budget for daily travel, too.

Deciding The Right Size Property For You

Now that you’ve set your budget, and decided on the area you want to relocate to, you can start on the first steps of your apartment hunt. The first part of this process is to decide on the right size property for your unique needs. By choosing a too-small property, you’ll be setting yourself up for an uncomfortable living experience. Too many rooms, and you’ll find yourself battling to keep up with housekeeping chores, and likely paying exorbitant amounts on utilities and normal running costs.

To help narrow your selection down, most London rental apartments are available in the following sizes:

Studio apartments are best suited to solo tenants, and tenants who appreciate minimalist living. It’s not unheard of to have a couple move into a studio apartment. Some practical storage additions and strategic decoration can really make it a practical solution to big city living in a smaller space.

One-bedroom apartments are well suited to solo tenants and couples, too, but with the added benefit of extra space. The main difference between one-bed apartments and studio apartments is that a one-bed apartment features a separate bedroom - distinctly partitioned from the living room area. A studio apartment is self-contained and will have multifunctional spaces - barring the bathroom, of course. 

Two-bedroom apartments are an ideal solution for couples, small families, and apartment-share setups. Perhaps you’ll be house sharing with friends or colleagues - in which case the additional room is an absolute necessity. This is also a great option for solo travellers who intend on hosting family or friends over the weekend, where the spare room will come in handy. 

Three-bedroom apartments are geared towards families and larger groups of house sharers. 3-bed apartments typically include three double bedrooms, one to two bathrooms, a reception room, and a kitchen.

A practical way to gauge how big of an apartment you really need is to list the key aspects you need your space to satisfy. 

  • Will you be working from home? You’ll need a dedicated workspace, and access to high-speed internet.
  • Will you be house sharing with a friend or colleague? You’ll definitely need a room, each, as well as an equipped kitchen.
  • Will you be moving in as a couple? Would a studio flat arrangement truly work for you, or do you need more space to live comfortably?

Answering these important lifestyle questions will help narrow down your search and assist you in finding an apartment that truly serves your own needs.

Bedroom In Apartment

Pimlico Apartments: Amenities

After deciding on the right size of apartment for your needs, you can start to bargain hunt for rentals which offer must-have amenities. The inclusion of guest amenities is one of the top reasons (other than flexibility) that rentals are becoming so popular over purchasing. Jot down a list of amenities you’d like to have access to; perhaps you have a non-negotiable requirement of on-site parking as a driver, or perhaps you prefer the convenience of an on-site gym. Be specific about what you want, and use these keywords as filters during your search. 

At Dolphin Square, we are proud to offer extensive amenities on-site. Our Moroccan Spa offers the ultimate in Pimlico living, providing a retreat from busy workdays without needing to leave the building. Our on-site bar and grill offers the perfect level of convenience and indulgence. Don’t feel like cooking today? Just pop downstairs to enjoy your favourite meal. Our on-site gym is fully equipped and offers additional facilities, including squash and tennis.  

Now ask yourself - does your Pimlico rental offer access to all of those amenities? Part of the Pimlico lifestyle is the convenience on offer. Make sure your apartment choice reflects that.

Another major aspect of choosing the right apartment is whether or not your pets can join you. Many rentals have a strict no pet policy, while others are happy to negotiate this exception on a case-by-case basis. Ensure you are happy to commit to renting based on your own unique needs.

Ask the right questions

Lastly but surely not least, be sure you are asking the right questions from the moment you book a viewing, through to the day you move in. 

Ask questions surrounding your responsibilities and obligations, and how you can go about fulfilling them. This can include a conversation around the below topics:

  • Are there any additional property charges - such as a parking surcharge? 
  • Do you need to pay a higher deposit if you move in with your pet? 
  • What is the fixed duration of your tenancy - and what are the repercussions if you need to terminate it early? 
  • Will there be an annual rent price increase - and if so - what is it? 
  • Will your deposit be held securely in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme? 
  • Is there an on-site maintenance worker who you will have access to in emergencies? 
  • Is the apartment furnished or unfurnished - and do you have the responsibility for repairing or replacing damaged items?
  • Are you required to take out a specific type of insurance during your tenancy?

If you cannot view the property - be sure to ask for high-quality images before making any decisions. 

Ensure your deposit is protected by a  recognised tenancy deposit scheme, and make sure any verbal agreements are documented within the tenancy agreement to avoid hassles down the line. 

Arm yourself by preparing a list of questions to have at hand for the day of your viewing, and be sure to follow up telephonically or via email if any of your questions go unanswered. It’s better to persist for concise feedback earlier on in your agreement, than to be left confused or out of pocket in the future.

Apartments At Dolphin Square

Dolphin Square offers an established, reputable and high-quality accommodation solution in Pimlico, London. We have taken the time to create an environment that serves all our residents beyond their expectations. Our on-site facilities are only one aspect of what sets us apart. Our service, competitive pricing, and outstanding value will continue to keep our residential apartment offering ahead of the rest.

We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect Pimlico rental to meet your needs. Why not book a viewing today?

Your Pimlico apartment is waiting for you.