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Reasons to box

Fitness | 1 MIN READ

What are the reasons to box?

Boxing: the ultra-empowering workout is continuing to dominate as one of the hottest fitness trends to date. This anxiety-reducing, intense form of exercise not only offers a fully body workout, but it is one of the most enjoyable and interactive forms of cardio.

Georges N Katalya, the qualified boxing Personal Trainer at Dolphin Fitness, serves up some of the key benefits of this high intensity workout:

Reason 1 - Fat Burning

"You can easily burn up to 500 calories in a 1 hour session" Says Georges, "this is because boxing is high intensity interval training which will create an after burn effect which means you will still be burning calories after the training

Reason 2 - Increased muscle strength and muscle endurance

Boxing uses every muscle in the body, whilst training with a sparring partner or hitting a punchbag improves the major punching muscles. Boxing has also been know to "build strong bones and ligaments because of the resistance of the pads or boxing bag, and even your own bodyweight" says Georges.

Reason 3 - Improved Coordination

"Not only does boxing improve the core, but it also increases your body awareness and coordination" says Georges, "this is because of the constant need to use your hands and eyes to strike and block", furthermore,"you will also learn how to make different parts of your body work together in order to fulfil the movements"

Reason 4 - The ultimate stress buster

Last,  but by no means least, boxing is a major stress reliever. Throwing punches also provides a rush of endorphins - a natural moodbooster. "The intensity of this form of exercise focuses the mind and body in the present moment, transporting people away from their worries" says Georges.

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