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Reasons to Spin

Fitness | 2 MIN READ

Our Feeling Fit fanatic chats to class instructor, Eleonora, to find out why you should leave your hats, coats and gloves at the door this winter season, and give spinning a shot.

It's January, which means you've probably splashed out on a new pair of running shoes, protein and a packet of sports socks. But, this is England, and the first few flakes of snow have already begun to pepper the pavements, meaning it's becoming increasingly difficult to exercise outside. So, our solution? Spinning, an intense indoor workout, saving your soles from getting snowy and your finger tips from freezing. Here are class instructor, Eleonora's, three reasons to give spinning a shot -


Reasons to Spin

1. Did you know, whilst exercising, the body releases endorphins, the same hormone released when we fall in love? Yes, pedalling furiously releases dopamine, norepinephrine and endorphins, chemicals that are both powerful mood boosters, and kind to the mind. So, you'll not only leave a spin class with sweat dripping down your nose and cramp in your toes, but a new found love for exercise.

2. If you've spun before, you'll be all too familiar with the burn in your legs, the ache in your arms and the tightening in your tummy. Spinning is a fantastic fat burner, and ensures you leave feeling like you've actually exercised.

3. Who needs to venture out into the cold, spend money on drinks and wake up the morning after with hazy memories and a collection of stamps, when you can get into the party spirit in a spin class (there's disco lights, the latest dance hits and glow sticks - well, not the glow sticks, but you get the gist).

When to Spin

You can find out when our spin classes in our timetable.

A fitness trend that has stood the test of time, spinning was born in the late nineties and is still as popular as ever with fitness fanatics, baby-boomers and Millenials alike. A cardiovascular work out, Spinning translates as indoor cycling - a stationary yet gruelling cycle ride. We recently caught up with personal trainer, Juan Pablo Garcia Lopez, who hosts regular classes at Dolphin Fitness Club and he gives us three reasons why Spinning is Winning:

Increases cardiovascular fitness:

Spinning is an effective way of making the heart pound in a steady manner which helps to improve the cardiovascular system. This movement helps muscles to increase in strength and makes for a healthier body. Pedalling hard can also makes the heart rate increase which helps to improve lung capacity.

Spinning bikes in a gym

Boosts endorphins:

Spinning is known to create that post-exercise feel good buzz as it releases endorphins - our 'happy hormones'. A popular lunch break gym class, participants then head back to the office feeling re-energised and ready to take on the afternoon.

Calorie Burning:

With the potential to burn up to 500 cals in a 45-minute session, spinning is a quick fix for burning those calories in a speedy fashion. It's also a great way to tone core muscles as well as giving the lower body a decent workout. So for those of you aiming for a tighter waist and flatter stomach, there's no better time than now to kick off your indoor cycling career!

gym goer on a spinning bike

Challenge Yourself:

Spinning doesn't just challenge us physically, it also challenges us mentally. Pushing ourselves to pedal harder, faster and for longer is a great way to strengthen our mental resolve and is good for endurance training.