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Reasons to LISS

Fitness | 1 MIN READ

With the ever-increasing popularity of sharing workout tips and advice across social media, you will have probably noticed amongst the scores of trends the LISS, or Low Intensity Steady State, workout. Rather than being a high intensity, feel-dead-the-next-day workout, it is a no-strain programme to keep you healthy & happy.

What is Liss?

LISS (Low intensity steady state) is stapled as being an effective, kinder alternative to high intensity programmes, with workouts including walking, swimming, cycling and jogging. So, while it is basically a 'take it easy' workout, you can still feel great about yourself after and be satisfied that you made it to the gym. And as if you needed any further persuasion, Victoria's Secret trainer Michael Blauner includes it in the angels' workouts as a key component of their regime; so while your Instagram is filled with the VS models in Shanghai this week, you can finish your low intensity & steady workout basically hearing the audience applauding at the show.

Reasons to LISS

Fat and Weight Loss

LISS is great for fat and weight loss, as walking burns the most fat per calorie compared to running or sprinting. Kayla Itsines, an Australian personal trainer & entrepreneur, maintains that the lower the intensity, the more oxygen is available to be used by the body to break down fat.

Health and Well Being

Tobi Pearce, Kayla's PT boyfriend, says if your goal is health and wellbeing, then a cruising pace during a low intensity workout is perfect. So if one of the benefits of LISS is balanced mental health, that's another box ticked.

Work up a Sweat

The objective for a LISS workout is to work up a sweat, but to still be able to maintain a conversation. Aim to keep your heart rate between 50 and 70% of your personal maximum: you feel your body exercising, but without such a strain. Alongside a friend, you can complete a LISS workout and catch up on each other's news while you're at it!

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