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Al Fresco Exercise

Fitness | 1 MIN READ

Warm weather is a rarity in London, and that’s why we’re so good at al-fresco dining. The sunshine sways sweaty shoppers out of the restaurants and onto the streets; the pavements are adorned with tables, as sun-hungry Londoners attempt to catch every last inch of the scarce summer heat.

We love the sun, and adore dining al-fresco; but us city-dwellers also like to keep fit. Combine the three, and you get the perfect recipe for staying active in the heat. Gone are the days of being stuck in the gym, we’ve put together a handy list - the ultimate guide to al-fresco exercise.

Rooftop Yoga
If you’re still lacking motivation to workout in the sticky London sunshine, these yoga classes bring the sun salutation to the skies, as panoramic views set the scene for some serious stretching. Rooftop yoga sessions are taking the city by storm, with classes taking place at the top of some of the most iconic landmarks.

Outdoor Gyms
Outdoor gyms are scattered across London’s parks, making for the perfect way to pedal away the pounds without being confined to the four walls of your gym. Designed to provide low-impact training, these exercise hotspots are great for strengthening the upper body and core, with plenty of weight-based exercises and resistance work. There's probably one on your walk home from work, so you've really no excuse to not take advantage and get your fix of al-fresco exercise in the evenings.

Who said you can’t ski without the snow? Rollerski bring cross-country skiing to London’s parks, offering a great low-impact, full body exercise taking advantage of the benefits of skiing, without the frozen fingers and toes. They offer classes for beginners, and it's a great way to learn to ski in preparation for the impending winter snowfall.

Hyde Park Pedalos
The pedalos gliding across the Serpentine might look like an easy ride, but they’re actually a great way to workout while you catch some rays, giving a similar effect to squats. The passenger seat has pedals too, so grab a friend, head to Hyde Park and enjoy some al-fresco exercise pedalling.

If you’d like to take part in any of our classes and become beach body ready, please take a look at the DSQ Gym timetable.