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Five of the best: Winter fitness tips from five of the best Instagram & YouTube influencers

Fitness | 2 MIN READ

With winter well and truly on its way, motivating yourself to put down the hot coco and, instead, lift weights is not an easy task. After all, winter’s about being cosy… isn’t it?

But with these five fitness experts providing simple and effective exercises to banish the belly and wobbly bits, it’s pretty hard not to feel motivated.

Upper Body

The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, is famous for his ‘lean in 15’, lean and healthy body.

Joe has become a huge fitness influence over the last few years with 1.5m followers on his Instagram account where he posts regular recipes, workout videos and body transformations.

Check out his video and try it for yourself.

Target: Arms and abs

Reps: 10 of each variation

Sets: 2


Fitness blogger and personal trainer Carly Rowena knows keeping fit is not just a summer activity.

In her Instagram video, Carly shows followers an easy ab routine involving four different abdominal exercises to help strengthen that six pack.

Target: Abs


  • 10x Ab crunches
  • 10x Side Crunches Left
  • 10x Side Crunches Right
  • 10x Plank Roll Out Left
  • 10x Plank Roll Out Right
  • 10x Back Extension
  • 30 Second Plank

Sets: For the best results Carly suggests you should complete this workout 3 times

Lower Body

The Skinny B**** Collective (SBC) is one of the most talked about wellness and lifestyle projects for women. Their instagram is full of motivational pictures and videos to help women achieve that healthy body.

This video posted on their Instagram account shows a fun exercise to help tone those thighs. With no equipment necessary, there is no excuse to not try this at home.

SBC suggest you pick a friend to make this squatting exercise more fun. ‘The rules are simple; if you give up first – or touch down on the floor – you buy her dinner’.

Targets: Legs

For those of you trying this alone we advise:

Reps: 10

Sets: 3


LDN Muscle has a huge social media presence in its aim to transform lives through fitness and nutrition guidance.

In this Instagram post titled ‘Glutes Superset’, LDN Muscle HIIT hard a set of gluteal exercises to help achieve a perfectly toned derrière. All of their exercises can be easily tailored depending on individual fitness levels and the level of muscle wanted to be achieved. They suggest that adding weights or resistance will heed better results.

Targets: Glutes

Reps: LDN Muscle suggests –

  • 8-10 Split Squats Right Leg
  • 8 -10 Step Ups Right Leg
  • 8-10 Split Squats Left Leg
  • 8-10 Step Ups Left Leg

Sets: 3 

Full Body

Kayla Itsines began her career as a personal trainer in 2008. Since then she has become an inspiration to women looking to achieve a ‘bikini body’ in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Kayla posts regular fitness tips inspiring thousands of women around the world through her fitness and nutrition guidelines.

Click the link for Kayla to show you a simple exerciser routine that targets the whole body in order to produce an ‘all over burn’.

Targets: Full Body

Reps: 10-15 of each exercise

Sets: 3