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Best Fitness Classes For Spring

Fitness | 1 MIN READ

March rings in the first month of Spring and, with it brings a new lease of life. Those of you who are feeling a little more lively now the hibernation season is over and those who are starting to think about shedding those winter jumpers and trousers, Dolphin Fitness at Dolphin Square has the best fitness classes to ensure there is a "spring" in your step!

HIIT Body Blast

This class is ideal if you have a busy schedule. This short high intensity interval training blast will get you in shape and feeling motivated and energised. This short and 'intense' class burns fat, strengthens core muscles, boosts the metabolism and benefits the cardiovascular system.

Exercise using HIITS

Body Pump

For toning, conditioning and increasing metabolism. Every muscle will be worked during this weight training session and weight will still be lost afterwards as your muscles continue strengthening.


Lifting weights

Aqua Cycling

This underwater group class is a true gem for getting that summer body. Arms, waist, thighs glutes and core will be worked whilst you burn calories, reduce cellulite and lose weight.

Aqua cycling