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Brand focus: Comfort Zone


With a growing awareness of the need for greater sustainability within the beauty industry, we wanted to go into more detail on Comfort Zone. This is one of most enduringly popular product houses and can’t be beaten when it comes to skincare. However, they are also leading the way on sustainability too.

The brand began life in Parma, Italy in 1996 as the skincare division of Davines Group, a family-owned company still in the hands of the Bollati Family. They constantly collaborate with a team of doctors and scientists so that every skin care solution is the most effective it can be. At the moment their stable of scientific talent includes neuroscience and skin expert Claudia Aguirre and Mariuccia Bucci, who co-founded the International Italian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Regenerative and Oncologic Dermatology.

The brand was awarded its B Corp certification in 2016, an acknowledgment of their commitment to responsible manufacturing. Their products are created in Parma in a facility that gets 100% of its energy from renewable sources and they also offset any environmental impacts related to packaging with reforestation projects. Comfort Zone, we salute you!

We’ve pulled out three of our favourite products below, but please do chat to a member of our team about your specific needs. Find our full list of Comfort Zone products here.

Active pureness clay mask, £28

This creamy mask is a summer must for those of us with oily skin. It absorbs excess sebum, rendering the skin more luminous and matte and the pores less evident.

Essential scrub, £30

Two dimensional mechanical exfoliant which removes impurities and refines the pores. Reawakens skin luminosity, leaving the skin soft and smooth. It works for all skin types, but especially for those that are oily and resistant.

Skin regimen retinol booster, £76

This booster is effective on wrinkles and imperfections. It uses a concentration of retinol and sylibin, a natural alternative to retinoic acid, to give you a fresh faced look.