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Let’s talk masks


A year ago most of us associated masks with a hospital, dress up parties and TV clips of Tokyo. Today, they have become this season’s must have accessory – quite literally. As of 15 June, face coverings have become mandatory on public transport with operators allowed to fine those who fail to comply. Although face masks cannot prevent you from catching COVID-19, they can prevent you from spreading the virus to others. Germs will get caught in your face mask, so you’re less likely to spread the virus to anyone else, should you be carrying it. Many people are also choosing to wear them in public places where social distancing is tricky, such as in supermarkets. While you can make your own (hyperlink from a bandana and a few elastic bands, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites on the internet. Because staying safe shouldn’t mean losing your style credentials.


1.Liberty Print Face Masks | £12 Etsy

The classic Liberty print fabric known as ‘the strawberry thief’ makes for a bold style statement.

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2.Reusable Cloth Mask | £12 Casetify

Casetify’s masks are made from breathable cotton materials and are fitted with a filter to help fight the spread of the virus further. Their neutral colours make them very versatile.

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3.Wispy Painted Camo Face Covering | £95 Bagg & Co

If you have sensitive skin, treat yourself to Begg and Co’s ultra-luxe mask in butter soft cashmere.

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4.Linen+Cloth Designer fabric Reuseable Face Mask | £16.69 Etsy

Linen and Cloth’s masks come in a range of tasteful patterns and natural colours. Think burnt ombre, charcoal grey and navy blue. They’re also big enough to fit over a N95 mask if you or a loved one is at high risk.

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5.Face Mask (Grey Blue Sky) | £12 Florence Bridge

Sky blue satin is just the thing to inject your face covering with a sense of glamour. Florence Bridge’s mask has fabric ties which can be fastened in several different ways, depending on what you find most comfortable – and how you’ve styled your hair that day.

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The spa team’s top tips to protect your face when wearing a mask:

- Make sure you launder masks daily to minimize bacteria growths on them, which can cause acne. Store used masks in a plastic bag until you’re ready to wash them.

-Before putting on your mask and after taking it off, washing your face with a gentle, oil-free cleanser can help prevent breakouts, although you shouldn’t do this more than three times a day.

-Stock up on hyaluronic acid, which retains the water content of your skin and protects it from irritation. The Ordinary’s hyaluronic acid 2% with B5 is well priced and effective.