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3 ways to get creative in quarantine


The wellbeing of our customers and staff is always our top priority, which is why we took the tough decision to close the spa a few weeks ago. The new normal is a strange place – where hugging a friend is a distant memory and little freedoms we took for granted have become impossible.

Yet there is beauty in the darkness too. Dolphins have been seen in Venice’s canals for the first time in decades. A herd of deer have colonised a suburb in East London. And the world’s artists have responded with an outpouring of visual, performed and written art we’re finding as moving as it is inspiring.

Not only a way to pass the time, creativity is also great for your mental health – and it’s fun! Here are a few ideas for getting creative in quarantine. If you share your work on social media, please feel free to tag us! We’d love to see how you get on. Stay safe.

- Do one-minute drawings of quite a few different rooms in your house, all on the same page. You could do each in a different colour. Let them overlap as you see fit, for a nice abstract house portrait.

- We’re still adjusting to social distancing and have found ourselves craving physical intimacy more than ever. Set your timer and spend 10 minutes freewriting about a time you held someone’s hand that has stuck in your memory.

- Print out or trace a picture and bust out your colouring pencils for a mindful trip down memory lane!