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What is a Rhassoul – Rhassoul Demystified – The Spa


What is a Rhassoul?

The main principle of a Rhassoul Ritual is purification. The unique properties of the lava clay used in this type of treatments allows it to be extremely effective in drawing out toxins and impurities from the skin. The lava clay is a unique mineral clay sourced only from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. For centuries, Moroccan woman used the Rhassoul as soap, shampoo and skin conditioner. The ritual draws upon these traditions.

What are the health benefits of a Rhassoul?

  • - Softer, hydrated skin – the nourishing and emollient properties of the clay will rehydrate the skin, boosting its condition, appearance and elasticity. The clay also tightens large, open pores
  • - Detoxification – Rhassoul clay has a powerful, negative electro-magnetic charge, which makes Rhassoul treatments perfect for drawing out impurities and detoxifying the skin as the majority of toxins under the skin have a positive charge
  • - Exfoliating – the texture of the clay acts as a natural exfoliate for dull, tired cells, brighting and softening the skin
  • - Reduces dandruff, increases hair volume. Nourished scalps are less prone to dryness, which leads to dandruff. The clay also improves the health of the hair follicle and can make thinning hair appear more voluminous

The history of the Rhassoul

This purifying and detoxifying ritual is one of The Spa in Dolphin Square’s signature treatments, and while its unique properties draw away toxins and refine tired skin, we can’t help but wonder how the traditional ritual came to be a trademark treatment.

The ritual is based on the use of the unique mineral clay applied during the treatment, sourced from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. In centuries past, women would use the clay as shampoo, soap and skin conditioner.

Drawing on these traditions, the ritual’s primary principle is purification. The unique properties within the lava clay make it a dab hand at removing toxins and impurities from tired city skin. Soothing and nourishing, the Rhassoul ritual takes place in the specially designed chamber; a warm, steamy room allowing the active properties of the clay to work their magic.

The ‘Luxury Rhassoul’ treatment detoxifies using a purifying black soap, cleansing the body and in turn, relaxing achey muscles and sleepy skin. A special blend of pure lava clay, warmed with a luscious honey and melted shea butter, is applied. A top-to-toe treatment, the luxury Rhassoul removes impurities and the skin is left conditioned, smoothed and refined. The experience is completed with a chosen oil or nourishing milk to lock in the goodness.

Where can I have one?

The Spa in Dolphin Square offers a self administered Rhassoul Ritual treatment. The ritual takes place in the specially designed chamber. You will be handed a bowl of lava clay mixed with shea butter to better nourish the skin. Sourced from the Atlas mountains our clay has unique active properties to draw out toxins and to soothe and nourish the skin. Guests are invited to apply the clay to the body and then simply relax in the heat of the chamber and allow the clay to do its work. An additional 15 minutes of steam allows the active properties of the clay to work harder. The treatment ends with a warm shower to to gently wash away the clay to leave the skin soft, smoothed and cleansed.