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FAQs: The five most common questions surrounding short term apartment rentals

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Short term apartment rentals are on a steady rise in the UK. The increase in demand for short term accommodation is driven in large part by holidaymakers, but can also be attributed to an increased demand for short term rental accommodation for professionals working in the capital. 

As a relatively new way to rent, many professionals who are looking to secure a London apartment rental for their working visit find themselves inundated with information and confused by the requirements of short term rentals.

Understandably, there are many questions surrounding this ‘newer type’ of tenancy. Our blog will help you navigate short term rental requirements in London by answering the top five FAQs on the subject.

Short term rentals in a nutshell

Many professionals seeking a short stay apartment will be familiar with the requirements of an  ‘ordinary’ rental period.

Short stay accommodation allows for the same rights (and responsibilities) as a ‘regular’ tenancy period, with the main difference being the rental duration. Typically, short term rentals are shorter than 6 months, and you may have the option to extend your stay based on the requirements of your working visit. 

This offers great flexibility for professionals, especially those who are renting in London for the first time, and allows travellers to find their footing in the capital city.

Dolphin Square’s short stay accommodation offers the ultimate in convenience and lifestyle. Our on-site gym, bar and grill, and Moroccan spa will make your stay enjoyable, memorable, and oh-so-convenient!

What does short term rental mean?

A short term rental is a tenancy agreement that is shorter than six months. Short-term lets are ideal for professionals who are staying in London for too long to justify the hefty price associated with hotel living, but not long enough to warrant a ‘medium term’ or ‘long term’ apartment rental of six months or more.

How long is a short term rental?

A short term rental can span any period of tenancy, up to approximately six months, after which the tenancy period would start to be classified as a ‘long term’' rental. While there is no set time frame or definition of a short term rental duration, this is typically the guideline to help prospective tenants choose the best option for their requirements.

How to find a short term rental UK?

We know that the London rental market is fiercely competitive, often requiring immediate action to secure a rental apartment - regardless of the length of your stay. You can use this blog to help you to find the best short term rentals in London, but as a summary to help you:

1) Airbnb
Airbnb is an online marketplace for short-term lets. Its user-friendly platform will allow you to search based on your location, criteria, and duration of your stay.

You may have used in your search for holiday accommodation, but did you know you can find short term let apartments on there too? Use the sidebar to filter options by location and accommodation type, and you’ll be shown a selection of apartments available for short term lets in London.

3) Dolphin Square
Dolphin Square is one of Central London’s most sought after short term rental providers thanks to our modern apartments, prime Pimlico location, and highly competitive pricing. At Dolphin Square, you’ll find a variety of contemporary apartments available for short term lets. These include:

Read on to discover more about short term rentals in London as we discuss five important questions to ask (and answer) before your big move.

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Short Term Apartment Rentals: Top 5 FAQs

1) What qualifies as short term rental?

Short term rentals are tenancy agreements for a period shorter than six months. There is no minimum duration for a rental agreement to be deemed short term. Any rental agreement over six months, but less than one year, is deemed a medium to long term rental.

While there is no set period for a rental agreement to be deemed short term, any rental period that is longer than six months, and less than one year, is deemed a medium term rental. Any rental agreement longer than one year in duration becomes classified as a long term rental.

2) Do you need insurance for short term rental properties?

Your tenancy agreement will stipulate if you are required to take out any specific insurance. It is advisable to take out contents insurance during your short term rental tenancy. Many tenant insurance types cover household contents plus property damage. Always check your tenancy agreement to ensure you uphold your insurance responsibilities.

Carefully comb over the responsibilities outlined in your tenancy agreement to understand what type of insurance you require. Your landlord will typically require their own insurance that covers the building and infrastructure, while you may be required to insure the contents of the apartment. Note that this requirement will differ between landlords and letting agents alike. Be sure you understand your responsibilities before you sign the tenancy agreement.

3) What is included in short term rentals?

Short term rentals are self-contained apartments which sometimes include furnishings, and guest amenities. Sometimes, utilities such as gas and electricity are included in monthly billing, but this differs between providers. Short term rentals are rented out for a duration typically up to a maximum of six months, but there is no set rule on this. 

Some short term rentals are rented out unfurnished, but it is becoming standard practice to include basic furnishings for a short term let agreement. At Dolphin Square, you will enjoy inclusive guest amenities such as an on-site gym, bar and grill, and Moroccan spa which you can enjoy for a nominal fee, without leaving the building.

4) What types of short term rentals are best for business travel?

Short term rentals are ideal for business travel.  Short term studio apartments, short let 1 bedroom flats and short term 2-bed apartments offer a more personable space, as well as a lower price tag in comparison to hotels. If your short term rental includes housekeeping services, you will save a lot of money on these additional expenses.

Choosing a short term lease is often more beneficial than hotel living, or opting for a long term lease as a way to save money. Short term studio apartment rentals are best suited to solo travellers, while one-bedroom short let apartments offer more space and can comfortably accommodate a couple. Two-bedroom short let flats are great for professional sharers.

5) Can I extend my short term rental period?

Your landlord or letting agent will need to advise you if you can extend your short term rental tenancy. This typically requires some notice from the tenant advising the landlord of their intention to extend their tenancy. Note that there is a difference between short term rentals and extended stay apartments.

While there is no ‘hard and fast’ rule surrounding the ability to extend your short term rental tenancy, most landlords and letting agents will gladly accept your extension request if you provide sufficient notice. This is mainly because they will not have needed to find a ‘replacement’ tenant, and can simply add on to your current rental period. Be sure to check with your prospective landlord or letting agent as to whether they will allow an extension on your short stay, and what their requirements are to do so. At Dolphin Square, we are happy to extend your short term rental period according to your specific needs.

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Dolphin Square is the answer

We hope to have answered your burning questions surrounding short term rentals in our blog. Whether you’re looking for a short term studio apartment rental, a modern 1-bedroom short let flat, or a 2-bedroom short term apartment rental, we offer an affordable, reliable, high-quality solution to your short stay accommodation needs.

Another major benefit of choosing Dolphin Square for your short stay in London is the impressive array of on-site guest amenities we offer. 

From our on-site gym, our bar and grill, through to our Moroccan spa and idyllic 3.5-acre garden, we are confident we can provide you with a memorable and enjoyable living experience in the capital city. We are also conveniently located outside the congestion zone, making your commute affordable and easy to manage.

Our team is dedicated to helping you find the best apartment for your stay in Central London, and would be happy to answer any further questions you might have. Get in touch with us here, or book your short term apartment viewing here.