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Five reasons to use a short term apartment rental before permanently relocating

London | 4 MIN READ

Choosing to buy a property – whether a relocation or the first step on the property ladder – is a big decision, and not one to be taken lightly. And with so many choices to make, it’s important nothing is overlooked. That’s why a short term apartment rental can have big benefits when choosing a new place to live.

At Dolphin Square, we help tenants find short term apartments here in London, and have a wealth of posts on the subject. 

We understand that for many of our tenants, renting is a short-term goal, and home ownership is part of the bigger picture. But renting can be extremely beneficial for many people, and especially for those looking to commit to buying a house.

What is a short term apartment?

First, let’s look at definitions. With a typical lease period of 6 months and under, short term flat rentals are an ideal stop-gap for those with a move on the cards. 

And, ideal for those moving, they come fully furnished, so no need to worry about adding to your removal costs or the faff of packing and unpacking twice. 

Where can I find short term rentals?

Short let accommodation can be found all over the country, but being based in London, Dolphin Square can offer solutions right here in the capital, in the heart of Pimlico. Our lets can be an ideal base for those wanting to move to either the big smoke, or a popular nearby area like Reading, Brighton or Oxford. 

This section covers off some of the best reasons to use a short term apartment as a way to test the waters for an area.

1) You can get a feel for the area

Nobody should commit to moving home before knowing a bit more about the surroundings! So here are a few tips…

Scout out the area: One of the main reasons short let accommodation is used in this scenario is to do a reccy of an area ahead of moving. As is widely known, when it comes to property, location is absolutely crucial: You’ll get no greater insight than by physically living in the area you intend to move to.

Check out the amenities: Shops, supermarkets, gyms, cinemas – however you spend your downtime, it’s worth knowing exactly what’s in the area. Public services, such as libraries, are also worth checking out, as are essential green spaces and schools. In addition, sometimes schools don’t live up to expectations – better to find out early than when you’ve already put down roots. 

Calculate the commute: Put simply, how long does it take to get to work and back again? While you may have some idea of the distance, it doesn’t compare to the reality of travelling during rush-hour and across the capital. 

2) You can capitalise on flexibility

Short let accommodation lets you stay as little (or as long) as you like in the location of your choice, and can be much more accommodating than a long term rental. Here are some other ways you could benefit from flexibility. 

Don’t be locked in: You can still give yourself a timeframe for finding your dream home, without the worry of being locked into a longer contract, and any stipulations involved (such as fees for leaving before the term is up, or the onus being on you to find a replacement tenant). 

Move around: You can renew your short term flat rental, or simply move to another area with absolutely no drawbacks. Some contracts can be extended on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Talk to estate agents: Get on the books of local estate agents to get insider knowledge about your area, and any appropriate properties that come onto the market.

3) You can find your dream apartment

Interested in a specific type of apartment? Then rent something similar to see if it’s right for you. 

Surprising features: By trying out short term flat rentals in different property types, you may uncover surprising features you didn’t know you couldn’t live without.

Living that works for you: Did you have your heart set on a top-floor apartment with a view, only to find yourself wishing for the ease-of-access that comes with a ground-floor flat? Or did you think you could manage without outside space, and now wish you had a terrace or garden? Sampling different apartments give you a feel for what works best for you. 

4) You can save more towards your investment

Buying a house is no cheap feat – which is why it pays to save as much as you possibly can. Surprisingly, short term apartments can help you do just that…

Enjoy the all-inclusive: One reason why tenants love short term apartments so much is because budgeting is made all the easier. Why? Because furnishings and bills are included, and there’s no need to worry about paying for any maintenance work on the property. 

Weigh up the move: According to some money blogs, buying a house (and selling your old one) can cost almost £10,000, which is not a decision to take lightly. A short term apartment gives you the freedom and flexibility to try before you buy, with nothing to lose – if it’s not right for you, simply move away with no financial repercussions.    

Discover a cheaper alternative: Short term flat rentals can seem pricey on the surface, but they’re often much cheaper and better value (and much more homely) than alternatives, for instance, city hotels. 

5) You could have bonus access to a range of amenities 

It’s often the case that amenities come at an additional expense to your living costs. But in terms of short let apartments, you could have access to a wealth of benefits covered in the monthly cost. For example, at Dolphin Square, we offer the following - 

Bar & Grill: The ideal place to wind down after work or socialise and network with others in your area, the Dolphin Bar & Grill is right on your doorstep.

The DSQ Gym: Keep up with your fitness programme a stone’s throw from your home, with no need to add to your commute by making a stop elsewhere. 

The Spa: You can also immerse yourself in our Moroccan spa, which includes an authentic Moroccan Hammam experience (steam room). What better way to relax?

Month to month rentals in London, at Dolphin Square

Why make moving to London more stressful? Why not take steps to ensure you’re making the right choice with your new home (and without rushing into a decision) by using one of our luxury month to month rentals as a base. 

You can see what life is like at the heart of the action while being close to many popular areas of the capital, from Victoria to Westminster, and will benefit from parking, good transport links and a range of amenities on your doorstep. 

To learn more about what we can offer with our month to month rentals, click here, or get a feel for the different apartments on offer through our short term flat rentals page.