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The Urban Gardener Spring Diary

Apartments | 1 MIN READ



Save new spring plants from pesky slugs by placing
copper wire around the vunerable shoots.

Hoe and mulch weeds now to get a head start on keeping them
under control throughout the spring months.

Now is the time to plant shallots, onions and early potatoes,
as well as summer-flowering bulbs.

Nourish trees, shrubs and hedges with a slow-release fertiliser by
lightly forking it into the surface of the soil.

March tip


Looking to have a more organic garden this year? Feed plants
that require lots of magnesium such as roses, peppers and
tomatoes with two spoons of Epsom salt mixed into one gallon
of water once per month.


Sow hardy annuals, herbs and wild flower seeds and scatter
grass seed onto the lawn to repair bare patches.

If growing summer vegetables from seed, gradually introduce them
to outdoor weather, while watching carefully for signs of stress.

Cut back
Trim flowering shrubs after they have bloomed and give
them a generous dose of fertiliser.

Fill up the bird feeder with fresh seed, suet or syrup
in preparation for the nesting season.


April tip

Use this time to give your greenhouse a thorough scrub
with hot soapy water to get rid of pests and diseases
and to let more light in. Cover delicate seeds with fleece to protect
them from the cold if you have to move them outside.



Earth up potatoes (draw mounds
of soil around them to prevent new tubers growing)
and promptly replant those that still remain.

Start mowing the lawn on a weekly
basis once the new seeds from last
month have taken hold.

Start rehydrating your plants early to get the most from
the water. Young vegetables are particularly thirsty.

Tie in
Stock up on twine. Now is the time to tie in sweet peas and new
growth on climbing roses, while it is still easy to handle.

May tip

Now the daffodils are dying off, delay cutting them back as long as you can.
The plant is making food to replenish the bulb for next year’s blooms, so the
longer you wait, the bigger and brighter they will be.


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