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Dining out: The best restaurants near Westminster Station

Food & Drink | 4 MIN READ

Westminster is the heart of London. The seat of government, home of Westminster Abbey, and the nexus that connects the most prestigious areas of the city. As a visitor, Westminster is unavoidable. A trip to London without seeing what this area offers misses so much of what makes our city unique.

And after a day of pounding the pavement, you’re going to want a hearty meal in a comfortable, welcoming environment. Ideally washed down with a nice glass of wine or a pint of fine tipple. Here’s our list of the six best restaurants near Westminster station: The perfect way to round off your day.

1. The Red Lion Gastropub

48 Parliament Street


No visit to London is complete without a trip to a proper, traditional British pub. And this is true even if you don’t drink alcohol - we go for the unique ambience and atmosphere.

If it’s your first time in a British pub, the Red Lion will serve you well. There’s ample ale and cider on tap, and the extensive menu caters to everyone on the pub cuisine spectrum. The traditionalists amongst you will savour the pie tasting board, or maybe a proper plate of fish and chips. The nouveau-cuisine crowd can kick back with Sriracha halloumi fries, a buttermilk chicken breast burger, or even the roasted squash with tahini and dukkah. Be sure to sit back and soak up the vibe. British pubs really are special, and this is a sterling example.

2. Switchroom Cafeteria @ Churchill Museum

Churchill War Rooms


Here’s a real slice of history to go with a really delicious slice of cake. Halfway around the Churchill War Rooms - “the underground nerve centre where Winston Churchill and his inner circle directed the Second World War” - you’ll find the Switchroom cafe. The menu offers timeless British favourites like pies, stews and tarts for your main course, followed by one of many classic puddings: Gingerbread, Bakewell tart, and more. And the backdrop is guaranteed to get a conversation going: This is the nerve centre of one of our most famous governments, after all!

Note: You can only access the cafeteria with a ticket to the museum. But if anything, this is a plus rather than a minus.

3. Stranger’s Dining Room

The Palace of Westminster


Deep inside the Houses of Parliament, you’ll find the Stranger’s Dining Room. The rich, luxurious decor is quintessentially British, and if you ever get a chance to visit, you can’t help but be amazed. The name comes from the affectionate nickname used to refer to friends and visitors of Members of Parliament. This room was where Members host ‘Strangers.’

This room is for hire or by invite only, so it’s unlikely you’ll get to dine here unless you rent the whole space or happen to know an MP. If neither of those apply, though, you can check out the Pugin room… Named after Augustus Welby Pugin, director of the design and decoration of the Houses of Parliament, this room offers public dining experiences on certain days of the year. Check here for availability.

  • 3-course lunch, fixed price menu, with coffee, £45
  • 3-course dinner, fixed price menu, with coffee, £50

4. Roux at Parliament Square

11 George Street


The vigilant amongst you will notice that we already included Roux in our list of the best restaurants near Westminster Abbey. Now, this isn’t laziness on our part. Although Westminster Station is only a few minutes walk from the Abbey, there are ample restaurants in the area to not require duplicate entries. So, why did we include it in both?

The answer is simple. Roux really is special. This is world-class cuisine, straight from the imagination of Michel Roux Jr, one of the biggest names in global gastronomy. You shouldn’t miss this. Described as “contemporary European dishes in a grand period setting,” it’s worth making an effort to have a meal here.

5. St Stephen’s Tavern

10 Bridge Street


Another pub. What, so you didn’t think a guide to restaurants in central London would only include one pub, did you? The TripAdvisor review for St Stephen’s notes they’re renowned for “serving pints to politicians,” meaning that if you time it right, you may get to rub shoulders with an MP. And if not, you can still enjoy a pint of very fine tipple and an award-winning steak pie.

Or, if you’re vegetarian, teetotal, or both, you can enjoy any number of fine selections from the menu or behind the bar. This pub has been standing since 1875, making it a real piece of London history. They still have a division bell that was used to inform any Members of Parliament who were “working remotely” that they had just a few minutes left to cast their vote in the chamber.

6. Greggs

Bridge Street, near the station


Maybe you’ve heard of Greggs before? If so, hear us out. It does belong in this list of the quirky and the prestigious. If you haven’t heard of Greggs, let us introduce you.

This initially-unassuming bakery has a special place in our nation’s heart. The humble blue sign, adorned with white text and a neat orange logo, hints gently at the wonders you’ll find inside. Approach the counter and you’ll pass fridges replete with handmade sandwiches, salads, and snacks. Under the counter, safely ensconced behind a pane of glass, you’re greeted by cakes and pastries to put Willy Wonka to shame. Every imaginable sweet flavour is represented, from traditional bread pudding, right through to innovative treats at the forefront of baking technology.

Greggs is cheap, cheerful, and loved by the majority of the country. Their sausage rolls are world-famous. Their bacon sandwich and coffee deal is a fine start to any morning. And whatever you go for, you’re sure to love it.

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There you have it

Westminster is the heart of our nation’s capital. History has been made here for hundreds of years, and it’s still being made today. This is the seat of our government, the centre of our church, and just a short walk from the residence of our esteemed monarch. In short, it’s an incredible place to have on your doorstep. You’re never short of something to do, or, as we’ve shown here, somewhere to eat.

Living at Dolphin Square, Westminster is a few minutes away by foot, and even less by public transport. For young professionals moving to the city, it’s a perfect location: Distinct, yet affordable. Close to the hustle and bustle, but with its own tranquility. We’d love to chat with you about what Dolphin Square can offer. Why not book a viewing today?