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Secret London walks: the best walking tours in the capital

London | 4 MIN READ

Have you ever wondered where the Knights Templar worshipped, or how one hidden alleyway has a fascinating link to the newspaper industry? What if you could peer into the dark and mysterious history of London while exploring haunted houses, creepy parks and some of the capital’s most overlooked locations?

For a city that has many secrets, we’ve compiled a list of the best secret London walks that will give you a whole new perspective. Delve deep into a city with these wonderful walks and be amazed at what you can discover. From hidden tours to self-guided walks, let’s make some unexpected discoveries.

Hidden London Tours And Secret London Walks

The Secret London Tour - A Walk Back In Time

With London Walking Tours, discover the secrets of London as you steer away from busy main roads to explore narrow alleyways, hidden courtyards and ancient buildings. With stories to be told around every corner, your guide will introduce you to some truly fascinating locations steeped in history. This walk is crammed with curiosities that can be enjoyed by friends and family of all ages.

At just £12 per person and operating on selected Sundays and Tuesdays, this walk is just shy of two hours in duration. No matter the weather, this walk always takes place regardless. The meeting point is located outside Exit 4 of Mansion House Underground Station on Bow Lane and finishes at Cloth Fair, close to Barbican.

  • Plan your visit to the Secret London Tour from Dolphin Square, here.

London Sherlock Holmes Walking Tour

If you love Sherlock Holmes, this walking tour is for you. Visit locations as seen on tv and explore the places and real sites as read in the Conan Doyle books. Immerse yourself in the world of Sherlock Holmes and discover plenty of London’s top landmarks along the way.

The meeting point for this tour is outside Granaio at Piccadilly Circus (W1J 9HP). Ticket prices start from £15 and the walk duration is approximately two hours long.

  • Plan your visit to the London Sherlock Holmes Walking Tour from Dolphin Square, here.

The Hidden London Walking Tour

Just a short walk up the River Thames from Pimlico, the Hidden London Walking Tour invites walkers to London’s most disused tube station - Temple Tube Station - to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery. On this hidden walk of London, navigate into a labyrinth of tiny lanes, past ancient cloisters and forgotten rivers as you uncover the secrets of this great city through the explorer’s eye. 

As your journey progresses into the depths of the ‘old city’ you will uncover more extraordinary stories and locations that are often overlooked. This walk takes place on Mondays and Fridays with tickets starting from £12. 

  • Plan your visit to the Hidden London Walking Tour from Dolphin Square, here.

London’s Secret Walks

Discover places you never knew existed with this interactive treasure hunt-style walk through London’s secret past. On this walk, solve clues and decipher your path to uncover hidden gems located along the walking route. When you need a break from the game, each trail has a selection of pit stops to enjoy before you jump right back into the action. A truly magnificent urban adventure, this walk takes you off-the-beaten-track that’s a whole lot of fun. 

Which trail will you choose to explore: ‘Secrets of the Square’ or ‘The City’. Both routes are approximately 2.5 - 3.5 hours in duration with a distance of roughly 4.5 miles each.

  • Plan your visit to London’s Secret Walks from Dolphin Square, here.

The London Cheese Crawl

For all the curd nerds and fans of the Fromage - we had to add this one in - the London Cheese Crawl will put your love of cheese and wits to the test. During this near two and a half hour walking tour, learn and taste all things cheese as you enjoy fun quizzes while indulging in a range of cheesy delights. This walking route is great especially if it’s your first time in London. Your guide will take you on a journey to discover some of London’s most hidden secrets, and they all involve cheese - what’s not to love?

The walk is approximately 3-4 kilometres long with the meeting point located at The Goddess Diana Statue in Green Park. There's no 'whey' you can miss this.

  • Plan your visit to the London Cheese Crawl from Dolphin Square, here.

Battersea Park Entrance

Battersea Park Walk

There is no 200-acre green space in London that holds as many secrets and wonders as Battersea Park does. This southwest gem reclaimed by the River Thames has plenty more to do than a boat ride or a graze in the sun. Glide along one of the many tree-lined paths as you enrich yourself in the park’s culture and history. Pass through the Old English Garden and savour your surroundings or explore the exhibitions at the Pump House Gallery which regularly hosts talks and workshops encouraging everyone to get involved with the arts.

While enjoying the sights of Battersea Park Zoo, or a tussle in the trees at Go-Ape, Battersea park will leave you wondering why you never spent more time here. Battersea Park is a short walk from Pimlico, across Chelsea Bridge.

  • Plan your visit to Battersea Park from Dolphin Square, here.

London: Ghost Walk and Spooky River Thames Boat Ride

Feel the shivers down your spine as you take on a ghost walk around London’s most haunted and historic sights while listening to spooky stories. Let the brisk nights chill bring out the shadows on some of the city’s darkest corners before embarking on a boat ride along the River Thames. 

Super knowledgeable guides will take you on an unforgettable tour as you tiptoe quietly through the darkened streets and parks in London. This tour runs for approximately two hours with a range of start times. Tickets start from £20.

  • Plan your visit to the Ghost Walk and Spooky River Thames Boat Ride from Dolphin Square, here.

Discover London’s hidden walks

In just a few easy clicks, you can book your next unforgettable experience as you tackle London in a new and exciting way. Will you take on the interactive treasure hunt and explore London’s secret past or revel in the spooky mysteries of the Ghost Walk and River Thames Boat Road? Whatever you choose, these walks guarantee you discover the most fascinating and overlooked sights in the capital.

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