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Shops In and Around Pimlico

London | 4 MIN READ

Pimlico Shopping

Pimlico is a shopper’s paradise. No matter where you are in this particularly exciting, diverse, cosmopolitan area of London, you’ll be within striking distance of some of the most wonderful boutiques and stores you might care to imagine. Plus, because this is London and practicality is at its very heart (even if its soul is more carefree), there are even some places to do your weekly big shop if you feel inclined. Let’s take a close look at exactly the types of goodies you can purchase when in Pimlico.

Cardinal Place

If you like all of your shopping under one roof, Cardinal Place in Victoria is the ideal place to head to. This modern shopping centre is full of all the high street shops you know and love including Marks and Spencer, Specsavers, Zara, Accessorize, and Topshop, but it also has plenty of shops to enjoy treating yourself in such as Molton Brown, Thornton’s, and Goldmsiths.

As if the shopping centre wasn’t enough (and for true lovers of shopping and retail therapy), just round the corner on Victoria Street there are even more familiar names as well as some lovely independent boutiques, newsagents, dry cleaners, and even travel agents so you can book a getaway while you’re in a spending mood. If you want to check your bank balance or grab some more cash, you’ll find a plentiful supply of ATMs and banks.

Sloane Square

Sloane Square is a little slice of heaven for those who want to find a bargain, buy something beautiful, or just window shop some stunning stores. This is where the fashionable come to shop and where the trends are made – after all, this is where Armani, Oliver Sweeney, Agnes B, Phillip Treacy, Patrick Cox, and Chloe are located. This is where Cartier and Tiffany and Co. have shops. This is where you can really go to town when you’re in town and you want to spend some money, but it’s also where you can really see the amazing range of products and services that London has to offer.

Plus, there’s the Peter Jones department store. This is an offshoot of John Lewis, and as you might expect it sells pretty much everything. It’s not been known as Chelsea’s ‘local corner shop’ for over 100 years for nothing, so even if you only visit one shop when you’re in the area, this is probably the one to choose.

The Kings Road

The Kings Road is a place you will certainly have heard of, even if fashion and history (or fashion history) aren’t your thing, it can’t have failed to notice that the world’s most iconic brands and people have been wandering up and down the Kings Road for decades. Just a quick glance will show you a fascinating array of boutiques and independent cafes where you can rest your weary feet after shopping until you almost drop.

Duke of York Square

All Saints, Joseph, Agnes B, and Ted Baker. If they sound like your cup of tea then you’ll love Duke of York Square, just off the Kings Road. It’s one of the newest, shiniest, most modern shopping areas in the whole of the capital, and luckily enough it’s right in the heart of a shopping Mecca, so there is no need to travel around with your bags of goodies, you can buy everything you could ever want or need all in one place.

What makes Duke of York Square even better (and yes, this is possible!) than a simple shopping centre is the café culture it promotes. It’s a square, so no matter where you choose to sit to enjoy a latte or cup of chai and a pastry you can have a great time people watching, and in London this is a hobby that you just have to try out.

Cold weather? Doing some Christmas shopping? Then you’ll love the ice rink that is set up over the festive period in the square – take the kids for fun or a loved one for a romantic shopping trip and soak up the magical atmosphere.

Orange Square

The world is waking up to how important organic, fresh food is, with as little packaging as possible, as local as possible to cut down on food miles. So Orange Square’s Saturday morning farmers’ market is a great spot if this is important to you too.

This is where some of the very best producers in the country come to ply their trade, so you know that you are buying the ultimate in healthy, tasty, organic food. If you’re savvy with your spending and you do a little research first (making a list is a good start) then you can even get a whole week’s shopping in one go – buy meat and fish, biscuits, breads and cakes, pies, fresh fruit and vegetables, handmade (award-winning) cheeses, juices, wine and beer, and so much more.

Talk to the producers and find out all about the food or drink that you like the look of; you’ll get a complete back story that will make it all taste all the sweeter. Remember to take a big bag with you and to take your time selecting the very best that these producers have to offer.

The Antiques Shops

You might not be looking for anything in particular, you might just like a day of browsing, and Pimlico is perfect for that sport, especially when it comes to antiques. There is something incredibly relaxing about perusing the gorgeous collectibles, paintings, vintage clothing, and much more in the little stores that line the streets around this part of town.

Perhaps you want that perfect item to set off a room, or you’re looking for a gift for a friend or loved one that no one is going to be double up on. Maybe you collect something in particular, or you simply love beautiful things. Whatever your reason, a day spent wandering around Pimlico’s antiques shops is never a day wasted. You don’t even have to spend any money – looking is often enough.

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