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The best photoshoot locations in London for film & photography students

London | 5 MIN READ

If you’re looking for photoshoot locations, London stands ready to deliver. Within the boundaries of this expansive city you’ll find pretty much every architectural style and cultural aesthetic known to man - from striking Regency architecture of Pimlico, to the rambunctious shanty aesthetic of God’s Own Junkyard.

For the budding photographer living in our capital, the opportunities are close to endless. Every street here has a story to tell, and tilting your head skyward anywhere in the city will reveal views that practically invite themselves to be captured.

Journey times are given from Dolphin Square.

The best photoshoot locations in London

With so many universities in London, there are a fair share of film and photography students looking to the capital as their muse. Personal passion projects, destination wedding photo shoots, as well as aspiring artists and established artists alike all look to the sprawling city in quest of an idyllic backdrop

Here are seven of the best photoshoot locations in London. These photo spots will guarantee a captivating and awe-inspiring camera roll to showcase to your friends, relatives, or potential employers.

1. North Deep Shelter London

Built to structural completion in 1942, eight deep-level shelters mostly located along the Northern Line were constructed to protect the population from bombing. These World War II relics still stand to this day, and provide some of the most striking photography opportunities in London. 

Some have been decorated with feminine florals, and others stand tall donning graffiti and the scars of time. If you’re on the hunt for a backdrop that lends cultural history to your subject, or are simply looking for inspiration from the annals of time, these are great locations to explore for your next photoshoot.

The location of each of the North Deep Shelters varies, but all can be reached using Pimlico Tube Station as your starting point.

2. London’s Underground stations

With 270 stations on the network, this suggestion may seem a bit vague. While it’s true that every station can be made photogenic from the right angle - what better collage of the city than real-life shots taken at each stop, for example? - this guide shines a light on two particular stations.

First up, Canary Wharf. Located in the heart of the city’s business district, Canary Wharf station is a must for London photographers - whether you shoot the elegant glass bulge of modernity that bubbles forth from the ground, or the myriad skyscrapers framing the station with a uniquely-striking skyline.

Next up is Gants Hill. This unassuming station, tucked away at the far reaches of the Central Line, way beyond tourist-London, features vaulted ceilings more evocative of Soviet Russia than the British capital. This station makes many lists of London’s hidden gems, and with good reason.

  • Canary Wharf is about 30 minutes from Pimlico Station
  • Gants Hill is about 50 minutes.

Note: Photography for personal use is allowed on the Underground network, however you can’t use flash, lighting equipment, or tripods.

3. London City Airport

Not often is a city’s airport so close to the centre of the action. Take a look at Gatwick and Heathrow, for instance: Each requires a long train journey to get to.

London City Airport is different, however. Nestled in the heart of London’s docklands, and prompting a boom in the surrounding areas, this landmark offers some stunning photography opportunities.

Whether you enjoy photographing planes taking off and landing, industrial and dockland city skylines, or the airport itself (if you can find the right vantage point), London City Airport offers something for every style.

You can reach the airport by tube and DLR: Start at Pimlico and get off at London City Airport Station. It’ll take you about 45 minutes.

London City Airport

4. Columbia Road Flower Market

While it may not surprise you that the East End of London offers some excellent market photography opportunities, you may not have expected beautiful floral photography to be on the menu.

Thankfully, though, Columbia Road Flower Market offers both. Not only can you snap some portraits of authentic London market vendors (with their permission, of course!), but you can capture some truly beautiful floral bouquets.

The hustle and bustle of London comes in so many forms, but old-fashioned market days have to be one of the most authentic. While the iconic sightseeing spots are nowhere in sight, we really think that Flower Market photos will be some of your London favourites.

The journey will take about 45 minutes from Pimlico.

5. Battersea Park

This Victorian park is a time capsule of a bygone era, brought deftly and respectfully into the 21st Century. If you’re looking to capture relics of London’s history, then Battersea Park has to go on your photoshoot location list.

Inside you'll find a bandstand, a riverside promenade, and the old carriage-drive roads where horses and carts would have roamed wistfully through. Then, on the horizon nearby, you may be able to snap a few shots of Battersea Power Station: The fearsome and formidable behemoth that once supplied a fifth of the city’s power.

It takes about 30 minutes to get to the park by public transport from Pimlico, but it will also take you roughly the same time by foot. So why not ditch the tube and take the opportunity to snap some river shots from Chelsea Bridge?

6. Lovat Lane & view of The Shard

No list of photoshoot locations in London would be complete without Lovat Lane - a formerly-unassuming cobblestone street tucked deep in the City of London.

Nowadays, however, Lovat Lane offers an unparalleled view of The Shard: The tallest and most striking skyscraper in the capital. With cobblestones underfoot, facades from various decades framing the shot on either side, and a literal pillar of modernity visible in full on the skyline, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better shot that encapsulates the medley of eras and moods London has to offer.

The precise location of this photoshoot is EC3R 8DT, and it’ll take you about 30 minutes to get there from Dolphin Square.

7. God’s Own Junkyard

There’s nothing that can be written about God’s Own Junkyard that gives even a slight inkling of what it’s actually like. This collection of vintage neon lights and signs - the biggest in Europe - is breathtaking. An aesthetic somewhere between shanty, 80s, and cyberpunk is conjured with a veritable smorgasbord of bright colour and warming glow.

Sadly, you’re not allowed to use DSLR cameras inside. The owners have opted instead to only allow mobile phone photography for personal or social media purposes, but fret not: Any photo taken here will impress and amaze your nearest and dearest.

God’s Own Junkyard is about a 50 minute journey from Pimlico.

Gods Own Junkyard

Dolphin Square honourable mentions

In a city so vast and sprawling as London, finding a unique shot is more than possible. Exploring and discovering is part of the thrill of photography, and the off-the-beaten-track honourable mentions in this section are designed to get your curiosity flowing.

Grab your camera, head out, and who knows what you might find?

Note: Precise locations aren’t available for these sites. You’ll have to approach ShootFactory for this information.

A derelict chapel in Bermondsey

Many London buildings have fallen into disrepair and dereliction over the years, but few are as fascinating or atmospheric as this vacant chapel in Bermondsey. Distressed concrete contrasts with pristine stained-glass windows for a challenging and captivating aesthetic.

Nearest tube station: Bermondsey, about a 30-minute journey.

A museum hall in Kensington

This Arab-inspired hall boasts splendid mosaics, domes, and Islamic tile designs. The natural light spilling into the room sets off each of these features in a way that you’ll want to preserve for posterity on your camera roll.

Nearest tube station: High Street Kensington, about a 25 minute journey.

A historic church in Totteridge

London is replete with churches, from the humble and unassuming to the majestic and splendrous. In a busy city, stepping into a churchyard is a grounding and humbling experience. Varied architecture centred around a theme of religious celebration and contemplation invites reflection and respectful photography in equal measure.

One example can be found near Totteridge & Whetstone Station, about 45 minutes away, but there are hundreds of churches to discover in the city.

Gone shootin’

There you have it: Ten of the best photoshoot locations in London, running the gamut from ancient to cutting-edge, and spanning the length and breadth of the city.

The key takeaway from this article, however, is that wherever you are in London, you’re never far from something beautiful, intriguing, captivating, and photogenic.

So pick up your camera, head out of your front door, and get snapping.