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London's Food and Farmers Markets

Food & Drink | 4 MIN READ

London may not be the first place you think of when you are looking for the best place to visit a farmers’ market. Surely, by their very nature, a farmers’ market is going to be out in the countryside, in the open air, surrounded by lush greenery and just harvested fields. You might even hear some lowing cows in the background. At the very least, you’ll be visiting a market set in a traditional village or – at a push – town and never, ever, heading to the big city to gather your gourmet goods.

Or will you?

You will. Especially when you realise just how many amazing farmers’ markets can be found in London itself. The city is awash with organic, healthy, tasty, fresh food and drink that comes from local producers and has its food miles cut drastically as a result. And if its packaging that steers you away from the supermarkets, just bring your own bags and containers and fill up at the market – you’ll be doing your bit for the planet and for your body at the same time.

Did you know that tourists and the Great British public consumer a whopping 382 million servings of fish and chips every year? We are becoming a nation known for our traditional and diverse cuisine, but you don't have to dine at London's most poshest restaurants to get a taste of what London is serving up.

Farmers’ markets are the perfect place for food lovers with their delicious aromas and equally as tasty organic bakeries, local handmade jams and the freshest foods proudly on display. The Pimlico Farmers’ Market is full to the brim with choice that is sure to get your taste buds tingling. Kingcup Farm is a notable favourite amongst visitors, with its range of edible flowers and interesting vegetables and herbs such as leek flowers and radish pods. This is the perfect spot to spend a lazy afternoon, as there are plenty of benches around so you can sit and devour your delicious purchases, soak in the atmosphere, and, more importantly, all the amazing smells.

We've hand selected some of the best and most affordable food and farmers markets in London and SW1 for you to browse and buy from.

Pimlico Farmers’ Market, Pimlico

Located right on the corner of Pimlico Road and Ebury Street, this fantastic farmers’ market takes place each Saturday between 9am and 1pm. It’s hard to miss since it attracts a multitude of growers, producers, and artisan makers, as well as a strong throng of buyers throughout the day.

Amongst the goodies for sale here are homemade jams, organic pastries, artisan breads, fresh fruit and vegetables, and plenty more. One of the ‘more’ is Kingcup Farm which specialises in edible flowers, interesting herbs, and unusual vegetables (ever tried radish pods or leek flowers?). Wander through the displays and you’ll be amazed at the vibrant colours and delicious smells coming at you from all directions; it is really feast for all the senses, and that includes taste since there are many stalls from which you can buy a tasty treat. Choose a bench to enjoy your food on and watch the world go by as you savour every bite.

Remember to take plenty of bags or a nice big basket a la Little Red Riding Hood if you want to be able to take all your purchases back home with you. It’s easy to do your weekly ‘big shop’ here and why not? With this much freshness on your doorstep, going back to how you usually shop would be difficult.

Location: The corner of Pimlico Road and Ebury Street

Address: Pimlico Rd, Belgravia, London SW1W 8UT

Opening Times: 9am - 1pm Saturday

Tachbrook Market, Pimlico

Perhaps not surprisingly, Tachbrook Market takes place on Tachbrook Street. What might be more of a surprise is that it is on from Monday to Saturday each week, starting early and going on until 6pm. No matter what your job might be, or what other commitments you have to contend with, you should be able to find a moment or two to enjoy the splendour of the market itself.

One of the main draws of Tachbrook Farmers’ Market has to be the food stalls. They range from many different cultures around the world including Turkish, South American, Japanese, even Jordanian amongst others. Street food is getting better all the time, and if you want to try something different (or you have a particular favourite that you have been craving) then head over to Tachbrook to get your fill.

But it’s not ‘just’ street food stalls, of course; it’s much more than that. There is a regular butcher and a fish supplier so you can get protein for the week, or perhaps for a special meal. Then there are the locally produced fruit and vegetables to go with it. This is the kind of market you can go to regularly and it will take you a long, long time to try everything, so why not enjoy?

Location: Tachbrook Street

Address: 42 Tachbrook St, Pimlico, London SW1V 2JS

Opening Times: Mon to Sat early to 6pm

Cardinal Place Food Market, Victoria

Every Thursday from 11am until 3pm there is a wonderful farmers’ market at Cardinal Place in Victoria. It’s amazing just how many stalls you’ll find here, and what a wide range of stunning food and drink they have to offer.

Local stalls are here, of course, and that’s exciting – you can see what London and the surrounding area has in terms of produce and it may just surprise you. In most places that might be enough, but not at Cardinal Place. At Cardinal Place you can also find traders from all over the UK, and even across the world; this market is so well known and so well attended that some pretty impressive names turn up here, and the food on offer includes paella, crepes, empanadas, and of course that most traditional of dishes, fish and chips. No matter what tingles your taste buds, it’s sure to be here.

As ever with a great farmers’ market, the ‘to go’ food is only a small (although ever-increasing) part of what goes on. The produce that you can buy to cook with and enjoy at home in your own recipes is always exciting, and when it comes to Cardinal Place with the amount of sights and gorgeous smells you’ll encounter, the world is your oyster.

Location: Cardinal Place, Victoria, London

Address: 100 Victoria St, Westminster, London SW1E 5JD

Opening Times: Thursdays 11am - 3pm

Earls Court Farmers Market, Earls Court

The Earls Court farmers’ market is the perfect example of what a community market really should be like – this is a friendly, inclusive, exciting place to buy organic, fresh, artisanal goods including excellent raw milk, organic salads and vegetables, handmade cheese, organic meat, artisan bread, vegan produce, and more.

What’s really wonderful about the Earls Court farmers’ market is that it is completely seasonal. So in January you’ll be able to buy items such as root vegetables, in May there are strawberries and asparagus, apples and plums can be bought in August, October brings game, and there are even turkeys in December.

This market takes place every Sunday from 10am until 2pm at St Cuthbert with St Matthias School, Warwick Road SW5 9UE. Remember to bring your bags and containers with you so that you can buy your fill.

Location: Earls Court, London

Address: St Cuthberts with St Matthias School, Warwick Rd, London SW5 9UE

Opening Times: Sundays 10am - 2pm

Well that's enough reading - grub's up!  We hope you enjoy heading down to the local Pimlico food markets and farmers markets.

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