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How to find cheap luxury apartments to rent in London

Residential Lettings | 4 MIN READ

Finding cheap luxury apartments to rent in London might sound near impossible, given the price points and competitiveness of the rental market in the UK capital. However, London is a city of luxury apartments - just think about that gleaming skyline - and many of them are reasonably priced. You don’t have to go over budget to live a life of London luxury.

Whether you’re seeking a luxe studio apartment, or a three-bed to share with family or friends, your perfect apartment will be out there. You just need to know how to find it. In this guide, we’ll take you through how to discover cheap luxury apartments in London, and give you a glimpse behind the doors of Dolphin Square’s own upmarket range.

Finding cheap luxury apartments

Struggling to find your dream apartment in London at your price point? Here’s how:

1. Think outside the box

If you want to beat the competition, you have to think differently to them. People looking for accommodation in London will typically flock to property websites. This is a tried and tested route, and while definitely worth checking out, properties get snapped up quickly.

Instead, think about what everyone else won’t be doing. Get in touch with landlords by email and over the phone, and walk around areas you want to live in to see what’s on the market. Find local letting agencies too - they’ll be able to tell you quickly whether any of the properties on their books match your criteria.

2. Word of mouth

When it comes to discovering your dream home in a city as sprawling and densely populated as London, word of mouth is an incredibly valuable tool. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to loiter in your chosen neighbourhood until you bump into some friendly locals. Instead, speak to friends and colleagues who already live in London. They’ll have on-the-ground knowledge of what it’s like living in various areas, and where lux flats are up for grabs.

Social media comes in super handy here too. Fire off a few posts on Facebook and Twitter, asking for advice about living in London, and explaining the sort of things you’re looking for. Use hashtags such as #apartmentsinLondon and #Pimlico (if that’s your neighbourhood of choice) to boost engagement. With the power of the internet at your fingertips, you might be able to uncover secret spots known only to locals.

3. Hidden gems

A handy tactic for uncovering hidden gems is searching websites directly to see what they have to offer. Try Googling ‘luxury apartments London rent’ and bypass comparison sites. While most people will gravitate towards comparison sites, often luxury flats don’t appear. Instead, prestigious buildings will have their own websites containing information about their properties and contact details for booking viewings.

Adding to the luxury

When you’re seeking a luxury apartment, you’re likely focusing on the quality of the accommodation itself. Sure, the quality of furnishings and an upscale layout play a big part in how happy you’ll feel living in an apartment. But don’t discount the area around the apartment. You could choose the most beautiful apartment in the world, but if it’s a long way away from bars, restaurants, and other amenities - or the area doesn’t have a good vibe - you’d likely be better off elsewhere.

The surrounding area makes a world of difference to your luxury apartments, so it’s essential you do your research before making a decision on which locale to opt for. For instance, residents of Dolphin Square in Pimlico will find themselves in one of London’s most upscale and convenient neighbourhoods, with easy access to surrounding desirable areas such as Westminster and Chelsea, as well as the delights of Pimlico itself.

People who love nothing more than relaxing with a glass of full-bodied red or a chilled white after work will find a vast selection of wine bars right on their doorstep. After all, this location offers luxury apartments to rent in central London - a very popular market with professionals. Furthermore, Dolphin Square is home to a Moroccan Spa, Gym, and Bar & Grill, all of which perfectly complement life in a luxury apartment.

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Luxe at Dolphin Square

Dolphin Square – located in Pimlico in the heart of London is home to a range of luxury apartments available to rent. Our premium apartments have each undergone an extensive renovation. Within them, you’ll discover large spaces and contemporary, upscale decor. These include:


Our luxe open-plan studios sleep up to two people. Make no mistakes, these are not your standard studios, having been recently refurbished to high-grade specifications. The decor is bright and chic. Our sought-after studios are set in prime locations around the square and include separate kitchens and bathrooms.

One-bed apartments

Our one-bed apartments are the most popular option at Dolphin Square and are perfect for single professionals or couples. The furnishings are plush and the decor elegant, meaning you’ll be relaxing in the lap of luxury. The Lux one-bedroom apartment boasts new interiors in varying spacious layouts to suit you.

Two-bed apartments

Dolphin Square’s two-bedroom apartments sleep up to four people. Within these luxury apartments, you’ll discover a reception room and bathroom, and you can choose between one or two bathrooms. Choose between two double bedrooms and one double and one single. Our two-beds are an exquisite space from which families, or sharing professionals, can make the most of high-flying London life.

Three-bed apartments

Perfect for families or professionals sharing flats, our spacious three-bedroom apartments include three double bedrooms, one to two bathrooms, a reception room and a kitchen. With plush, contemporary interiors, the hallmarks of luxury are easy to spot in these spacious apartments.

All of our residents have access to Dolphin Square’s wide range of luxury amenities.These include:

  • Moroccan Spa
  • Gym with pool, tennis, and squash courts
  • Bar & Grill (open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Underground car parking
  • Communal gardens

Furthermore, Dolphin Square is superbly positioned for residents to make the most out of their time in London. Nestled within the Westminster borough, as well as close proximity to all of central London’s attractions and culture, you’ll be within walking distance of aspirational districts such as Mayfair and Chelsea. Transport is a cinch at Dolphin Square too. We’re outside the congestion zone, but in Zone 1 for transport, with our excellent transport links making commuting both easy and economically priced.


London is a city of luxury apartments - and you don’t have to break the bank to reside in one of these upscale accommodations. You simply need to know where to look and be willing to get off the beaten track, in order to gain a competitive advantage in your apartment hunt. Remember to use word of mouth, seek out hidden gems, and go offline in your apartment hunt, and you could soon be signing on the dotted line for your dream home.

Furthermore, always take the neighbourhood for a test run before choosing an apartment - it will make all the difference to your time in your luxury apartment. If you like the look of Dolphin Square and Pimlico, please don’t hesitate to reach out and book a viewing. We wish you the best of luck finding your dream luxury apartment to rent in the UK.