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A History Walk in Pimlico

London | 2 MIN READ

We have created a 2.6 mile walk to take a look at a small selection from the rich and diverse sculptural heritage of Pimlico.

London sculpture walk

Here's the Google Map for the route, or you can download the PDF below. The next section includes all the sculptures you'll find on the way.

1) The Helmsman - André Wallace

A modern work by sculptor André Wallace, The Helmsman depicts a helmeted nude male shaped in bronze at the helm of a boat. The sculpture came from the artist’s fascination with journeys and transportation, and aptly reflects the area’s maritime culture.

The Helmsman


2) William Huskisson Memorial - John Gibson 

A Victorian piece by sculptor John Gibson, the statue of William Huskisson, MP and Statesman, is dressed in a toga and sandals in classical style. Originally commissioned for the Custom House of Liverpool, the statue was moved to the Royal Exchange before finding its final site in Pimlico Gardens in 1915. Outside of his career in government, Huskisson is most commonly known as the first publicised railway casualty, having been run over and killed by George Stephenson’s locomotive engine, Rocket.

William Huskisson - John Gibson


3) The Queen Mother’s Commemorative Fountain - Peter Shepherd

Erected in Bessborough Gardens in 1980, this fountain dedicated to the Queen Mother was based on a cast of the George John Vulliamy streetlamp base that stood on the Thames Embankment. It was designed by Peter Shepherd and features two sturgeon fish entwined together.

Queen Mother's Commemorative Fountain


4) Cooling Tower Panels - Eduardo Paolozzi

Situated between the underground station and Tate Modern, it was constructed as a midpoint marker. It’s made up of a sculptured encasement for the Tube’s air conditioning unit. The cast iron panels were the work of Eduardo Paolozzi, who has a series of work linked to the London Underground system.


5) Roller Skates - André Wallace 

An original sculpture produced by André Wallace as part of an effort to celebrate the youth and vitality of such an urban location. The sculpture stands over six feet tall and shows a youthful women skating through a busy street within SW1.


6) Thomas Cubitt Statue - William Fawke

Standing adjacent to his own workshops off Denbigh Street, is William Fawke’s statue of Thomas Cubitt- master builder and architect of many of London’s historic streets and squares. You may have walked across some of his designs in Belgravia, Bloomsbury and Pimlico. Cubitt’s statue is depicted in the act of measuring a brick with his yardstick.

Thomas Cubitt statue


7) Shack Stack - Richard Wilson 

Shack Stack located at Grosvenor Waterside was created in 2010 by sculptor Richard Wilson. It is an aluminium sculpture inspired by the ramshackle nature of the sheds often found in British allotments. Richard Wilson was born in Islington, London and studied at the London College of Printing, Hornsey College of Art and Reading University. He was nominated for the Turner Prize in both 1988 and 1989.


Dolphin Square Sculpture Walk - pdf file to download

Pimlico Sculpture Walk

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