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Fun Cycling Activities in London

Cycling | 1 MIN READ

Struggling with the idea of a morning rave or dancing on the street, but still want to get fit in a fun and different way? Then we’ve got just the thing to get you moving. Cycling is the in–thing right now, and is becoming increasingly popular within all age groups. So ditch the car and get on your bike.  We're always inspired by Ride London, and because of this, we’ve found the perfect activities for biking enthusiasts.


To make cycling around London a low-risk, easy activity, RideLondon has provided traffic-free roads in central London for a day, ensuring a fun-filled day of peddling excitement.

This cycling extravaganza stretches over a whole weekend and is usually in August.  It is a family fun day of clear London roads, where people of all ages can benefit from the 8-mile cycling route around the city.  The event culminates in a race set to see London’s cycling amateurs getting the opportunity to compete in there very own Tour de London, where thousands of hopefuls take on the 100-mile route from London to Surrey.

BOOM Cycle

A twist on a spinning class that has everyone’s heart racing; this peddling experience combines high-energy, bike-based exercise with current dance tunes. These bespoke studios are perfect for music lovers and cyclist fanatics alike, with atmospheric lighting and a nightclub-esque ambience. At a BOOM class, you get all the benefits of a night out, and all the satisfaction of a workout.  Boom Cycle claims to be the ultimate party on a bike, which we have to admit sounds great and worthy of something we can call one of the fun cycling activities in London for our list.

Aqua Cycling

Dolphin Square Fitness offers an underwater cycling experience,  'Aqua Cycling’.  A unique way of exercising, the classes use water resistance rather than high impact weights, giving an all body workout. You're not going to get as far as you would road cycling, but this calorie-burner will have all your muscles working whilst simultaneously burning away those extra calories. Challenge yourself and give aqua cycling a go - it's a force to be reckoned with and definitely another one of those fun cycling activities in London (Pimlico to be exact).

British Cycling Association

For those looking to get the younger people involved The British Cycling Association have a whole range of activities dedicated to children and young people.  These include Go Ride for Schools, Go Ride for Clubs and UK Go Ride clubs across the nation as well as fun cycling activities in London and the surrounding areas.