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AquaPhysical at Dolphin Square Fitness Club

Swimming | 2 MIN READ

Dive into one of the UK's biggest fitness trends - working out on water.  Dolphin Fitness Club are making a splash with a new breed of exercise, as they launch an exclusive programme of 'FloatFit' classes with global, water-based fitness experts, AquaPhysical.

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What is AquaPhysical?

AquaPhysical is based on the belief that working out with the resistance of water improves muscle tone and, with the added core-strengthening 'wobble' of balancing on the board, AquaPhysical's FloatFit classes have already made waves amongst exercise lovers across the UK. The programme is designed to provide a low-impact, full body workout, whilst improving stability and strength. Tethered to the poolside, the pioneering AquaBase boards boast a textured surface to enhance grip during exercise, and are expertly crafted for practising poses, from squats and sit-ups to sun salutations.

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What are the benefits of AquaPhysical?

We caught up with Master Trainer, Jon Sims, who told us exercising on water with FloatFit has benefits that can't be reaped from lunging on land. "The FloatFit classes improve balance and coordination, and can be tailored to suit the needs of fitness-lovers of all abilities. For gym bunnies who're bored of running on a treadmill, staring at a brick wall, FloatFit offers a fun, dynamic alternative, with lots of room for progression".
Getting on board with a workout in the morning is difficult for the best of us, but getting on board with our new FloatFit classes makes it a little easier. With the launch of our new water workout classes, we set off the starting block with a special press event. From Women's Health, Healthy for Men to The Handbook, Institute of Directors and Libby Horsley; our attendees were raring to go. Diving straight into our sessions, we were joined by experts Leila and Tamara from the water-based fitness company, AquaPhysical, who explained a little more about the method behind their exercise concept; a low-impact, high intensity workout now based in over 55 countries!

Eager to get started, our first wave of FloatFitters joined us for a 30 minute HIIT session. Led under the guidance of trainer, Francesco, participants were first instructed to find their feet and balance, before squatting, lunging, planking (even head stands for the brave) and climbing back onboard after inevitably making a splash.

For a change of pace the second class was for the yogis, who followed movements hailing inspiration from Vinyasa yoga, to develop strength and balance; engaging the core was vital for any attempt to remain on the board! Perfecting the downward dog on land, let alone on water, is a challenge for the novices and experts alike.

Sailing into the evening, a tidal wave of Londoners made their way to SW1 as we offered Time Out readers the exclusive opportunity to try this new and innovative way of working-out before any other fitness fanatic. Best way to start the weekend, we say.

With falling in all part of the fun, this effective, challenging and overall whole-body workout is open to any ages and abilities every weekend at Dolphin Square Fitness Club. To book or to find out more email or call 02077988686

Don't just take our word for it...

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AquaBase to Beats

A tidal wave of excitement recently hit the Dolphin Fitness Club.

Always looking for fun initiatives, Dolphin Square teamed up with guys at Time Out and DOSE to bring 'Aquabase' to the fitness masses of SW1. On Saturday 5th March, the 30 minute class overflowed with pumped up participants raring to hit the pool and 'aqua-cise'.

Aquabase is the latest trend causing a stir in the city and combines low impact, cross training and HIIT workouts with the added element of water.

No weights involved - you might think this routine's quite simple, but attempting this full body workout in a pool, on a body-board, standing on one leg (finding your balance as your hips can't resist swaying to the booming beat) was a fun challenge.

To ensure that you don't miss out on any fun upcoming events like Aquabase, keep an eye on our Twitter & Facebook pages .

How can I get involved?

If you want to take the plunge, FloatFit classes are coming to Dolphin Square Fitness Club, and will run once a week.