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Living in Pimlico | 1 MIN READ

Whether you have your own allotment, a favourite patch in the Dolphin Square gardens or a thriving collection of house plants, our seasonal gardening tips will help to keep your greenery looking its best. 


Pruning Cut the summer side shoots back to two or three buds.

Prepare Place a cloche over the soil this month, to help warm up the ground for a few weeks before sowing early peas.

Lawn Avoid walking on the lawn when it’s blanketed by a heavy frost or snow, as this will damage the grass.

January top tip Shred your Christmas tree and add it to compost bins.


Weeds Dig up perennial weeds in your beds and kitchen garden to get a head start before the warm weather arrives.

Divide Divide snowdrops if you want to move them or create more plants.

Prune Winter prune apple trees and pear trees while they’re still dormant.

Birds With cold city spells this month, hang out fat balls and keep bird feeders topped up.

February top  tip Central heating can dry out indoor plants. Mist house plants regularly and stand them on a tray of pebbles filled with water