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Why Pimlico should be every businessperson's favourite place to live

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One of the world’s most famous cities, London brings together an exciting and eclectic array of sightseeing opportunities, culture and gorgeous green spaces. Its impressive size and mix of architecture give it a diverse ambience where anyone can feel at home. And, this is a city rich with a sense of the past in its historic buildings, museums and galleries, as well as an exciting feeling of opportunity for the future.

Within London lies many famous districts, but it’s Pimlico that is one of the most sought-after and desirable. Situated near Westminster, with iconic Buckingham Palace and Big Ben on the doorstep, it’s no stranger to landmarks, while a tapestry of quaint parks and the beautiful River Thames give plenty of respite in the heart of this bustling city. When looking for places to live in London, Pimlico is also an essential area for business people looking to make a move to the big city – and to find out why, just read on.

Why Choose Pimlico...

1) It’s aspirational, yet affordable

Whatever your job or history, budget is always going to factor in when deciding on a place to live in London. However, that doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on the things you want or be forced to live in a less desirable area. Pimlico is the perfect solution for those wanting somewhere that looks and acts the part, having all the amenities and services you’d ever need, while offering stunning surroundings. And luckily, we’ve got the perfect accommodation – Dolphin Square, a range of luxury yet affordable apartments in the heart of the action.

2) It’s a star location

We know how important it is in our busy, modern world, to have time on your side. This is especially true for business people, where a few minutes could make or break a business deal or impact on a critical decision. We like to think of your accommodation as being like a ‘central hub’ – you deserve everything you need around you. Here’s why our Dolphin Square accommodation in Pimlico is ideal:

  • Handy supermarkets: Including Tesco and Sainsbury’s
  • Your favourite fast-food: From takeaway pizza places to trusty Nando’s
  • Up-scale dining: Top bars and restaurants to take your clientele
  • Green spaces and gyms: Ideal for those keeping in shape
  • Pimlico library: A great resource at your fingertips
  • Transport links: Read on to find all about these!

3) It’s well-connected

Aside from bearskin hats and fireworks on the London Eye, London is famed for its underground trains – the tube. In the world of business, networking with others is just as important as having a travel network you can rely on, and by living here in Pimlico, you’ve got a wealth of options:

  • Pimlico underground station: Running on the Victoria Line, the station is just 18 minutes from Canary Wharf, London’s financial district.
  • Victoria underground, rail and coach stations: Connections across London and nationally, under 20 minutes’ walk from your Dolphin Square accommodation. Victoria underground is also on the Victoria, Circle and District lines to make travelling a breeze.
  • Millbank Millennium Pier: Riverboat services and options for corporate events.
  • Santander Cycles: For green commuting across the capital.

When it comes to your new rental, having good travel connections is absolutely essential. And, owing to our Pimlico location, you’re in zone 1 of the tube network, meaning there’s no long commute to get into the centre of London – or to most other districts of the city.

4) You’ll step in the footprints of greats

Winston Churchill, the wartime Prime Minister, famously lived in Pimlico, and the district has also been home to other famous faces, such as Dracula author Bram Stoker, Shakespearian actor Laurence Olivier and the band, Small Faces. Of course, choosing a property isn’t about celebrity endorsement. Still, as so many greats have lived in the area, it’s easy to see why Pimlico is hallmarked as a top spot for creatives and politicians alike – perhaps the motivation you need to score big in the business world.

5) Dolphin Square has it all

Just a few minutes from Pimlico underground station, our stunning accommodation boasts an impressive array of features and makes a fantastic home for even the most discerning of residents. Here are just a few things you could benefit from:

  • Beautiful communal gardens: The perfect setting when working from home, or an area you can use to relax and socialise, especially in a city where outdoor space can be precious (though it must be said that Pimlico does have some lovely green spaces, with Battersea Park just across the river).
  • Tennis and squash courts: Hone your serve and stay fit and well, or why not use them for an informal way to get to know clients?
  • Swimming pool, spa and gym: Ideal options for those keeping up with their fitness and wellbeing – especially in the gruelling world of business!
  • Shopping arcade, bar and grill: All you need for down-time, with options close to home for client meetings. We’ve designed things so that you don’t have to leave the Square if you don’t want to!
  • 24-hour security: Rest assured you and your home are in safe hands – whether you’re there or not!
  • Private parking: Available at additional cost if you have a car – and the complex is located outside the congestion zone, saving on those annoying tolls.

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What next?

Now we’ve talked you through London, Pimlico, and our Dolphin Square accommodation itself, why not get in touch with our friendly team today and book a viewing? Whatever your requirements, we’re sure we have the solution to your needs, as well as the knowledge and experience to deliver it.

Whether you’re moving to London for the first time, or are simply changing accommodation, trust in us to find a place you can call home.