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Walking Tours of London

London | 2 MIN READ

London buses and black cabs might be what comes to mind when you think of getting around the capital, but getting from A to B (via C) on foot opens up a whole world unknown streets and hidden gems. Guia Sciortino from WalkaLondon tells us more...

"London is one of the greatest cities in the world, and not simply because of its history, ultra modern sky scrapers, incredible art and entertainment scene or social life - many cosmopolitan cities boast an equally attractive selection of 'things to do'.

Yet London beats the competition by giving its residents the freedom to walk anywhere. That is a freedom no one should take for granted - we challenge you to walk for hours in crowded Bangkok streets or motorbike-filled Rome alleys and actually find it relaxing!

Central London

London offers extensive lush parks, fabulous avenues, spacious and unobstructed sidewalks as well pedestrianised mile-long river banks. It just makes you want to

Westminster in London and River Thames Westminster in London and River Thames

go back to primordial human-powered means of transport on a daily basis; legs and feet. This city is a walking paradise and ergo we walk. Anywhere.

In an age of 24/7 selfies and constant picture taking, what's better than bringing a camera or smartphone with you and trying to capture off-the-beaten track spots of London whilst you stroll along? 


There are plenty of itineraries or 'photowalks' we adore. If you are keen on exploring East London, we recommend wandering from Brick Lane to Hackney via Spitalfields,  Hoxton and Shoreditch. The area's provocative street art scene is ever-changing and the buzzing markets, featuring London's multicultural mix, turn this into a heaven for any street photographer. If it's a Saturday, the open air Broadway Market is a must -  perfect for brunch or a picnic in nearby London Fields. On a Sunday, the Columbia Road flower market,  set on one of the most colourful streets of the East End, is the place to be.

Kensington and Chelsea

And we are always thrilled to head West as well to discover the enchanting mews of Kensington, stare in awe at the grandeur of the mansions surrounding Holland Park and the unique qualities of old Chelsea village townhouses. It's hard to think this was considered a remote settlement in ye good ol' days.

Kensington Palace in London Kensington Palace in London

Nothing soothes our souls better than an early morning walk on the Chelsea Embankment. Londoners are yet to wake up and the colours of dawn, if the sun shines, are warm and make you feel at peace with the world. Starting from the star-studded Cheyne Walk (many high profile celebs are known to live there), walk to your heart's content riverside, passing by Dolphin Square and reaching the Tate Britain, for an art marathon of Constable and Turner's paintings. Those keen to go the extra mile - almost literally- should keep going towards Victoria Tower Gardens and admire the House of Commons in all its splendour.

House in Chelsea, London House in Chelsea, London

Now that's what we call the perfect Spring photowalk."

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