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Five undeniable reasons to choose a serviced apartment in London for a short stay while you renovate your home

London | 3 MIN READ

Many people choose to move out while having home renovations done - deciding to temporarily relocate their household rather than trying to live around the potential dust, noise and chaos. More and more people are opting for short stay serviced apartments in London.

In the last few years, there has been a rising trend of business and leisure travellers choosing quality serviced apartments over expensive hotels. Serviced apartments provide home-comforts and offer solutions to many of the problems found when renting more traditional accommodation options, especially in London.

This article explores five reasons why a serviced apartment may be the best choice while you’re having work done.

What is a serviced apartment?

A ‘serviced apartment’ is a type of furnished accommodation which is available for a short- or long-term stay. From one night to multiple months.

They come with all the comforts guests need to feel at homes, such as space to relax, phone and Wi-Fi and amenities for self-catering and laundry. They are managed professionally and available to rent all year round. As the name would imply, the apartments are serviced, including (at the least) housekeeping, 24-hour customer care and increased security measures.

Guests can arrive and immediately make themselves at home - without having to worry about setting up utilities or transporting homewares around the city.

What does the term ‘short stay’ mean?

In the context of London accommodation, a ‘short stay’ or ‘short-term let’ refers to a stay which is longer than a week but fewer than 3 months. This could be for business, leisure or, increasingly, for those relocating.

Five reasons to choose a serviced apartment over other accommodation types

1. It’s a home from home

Having to temporarily vacate your own home does not mean you have to compromise on home comforts. You can preserve these while also enjoying the additional luxuries and convenience of a housekeeping service, added security and 24-hour customer care. Some serviced apartment buildings will also have a reception, which provides the same services as a hotel reception. 

Guests enjoy the best of both worlds:  the convenience, security and peace of mind provided by staying in a quality hotel and the space and privacy of being at home.

2. Cost advantage

Unlike a hotel, the nightly rate of a serviced apartment reduces as the length of the stay increases. This is due to VAT levies and means that a serviced apartment usually works out as cheaper than a similar hotel after just two or three nights.

On average, a serviced apartment provides 30 percent more space than the equivalent hotel room. 

The self-catering facilities and onsite also allow for savings.

3. Privacy

Serviced Apartments provide considerably more space and even additional, separate rooms such as a lounge or dining room. This means that you and your household have space to spend quality time together, as well as rooms to work and relax without any interruptions. Having to be displaced from your home it can be very important to have access to some of your own space should you need it.

4. The best amenities 

As well as coming with fully equipped kitchens (including crockery, cutlery, glassware, pots, pans and cooking utensils), a lot of serviced apartment complexes also have onsite guest amenities. For example fitness centres, a spa, a swimming pool and/or a shopping arcade.

Serviced apartments are very deliberately developed with location in mind (something which isn’t guaranteed when finding private apartments to stay in, in London). Central location, great transport links and proximity to vibrant surrounding areas are common features with serviced apartments. Many are also family-friendly if you’re staying with young children, and some also have beautiful gardens to securely spend time outdoors.

5. Flexibility

Home improvements don’t always go exactly according to plan.  With a serviced apartment it is easy to extend your tenure should you need to stay a little (or a lot) longer. This provides you with flexibility and the peace of mind that when you leave your home you’ll be safe, secure and not have to move again until your own home is ready for you.

Serviced Apartments at Dolphin Square

Accommodation which is professionally managed provides all the home-comforts so you don’t have to, allowing you the chance to relax and make the most of your accommodation.

Dolphin Square is one of London’s leading serviced apartment providers, offering comfortable, sophisticated homes-away-from-home for the best part of a century.

Located in our beautiful Art Deco building on the banks of the River Thames, right in the heart of London, Dolphin Square has a beautifully landscaped garden for exercise and socialising, shops on site, and great transport links.

You can find a wide range of properties, from a studio apartment to an executive three-bedroom apartment. Whatever the size of your party, your reason for or the length of your stay, we can help you find the right accommodation.
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Take the stress out, arrive and relax...

Home improvements can be stressful enough. It makes sense to go for a flexible relocation option that’s set up and ready for your arrival. Better value and more spacious than a hotel, whilst also having convenience, security and customer service means that choosing a serviced apartment will make the whole process smoother and simpler. 

So, find the serviced apartment that’s right for you and we’ll take care of the rest.