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Professionally managed corporate lettings: What does it mean?

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All Dolphin Square accommodation is professionally managed, because it’s our belief that anyone staying with us - whether short or long term - should have a smooth and seamless experience. But what exactly does professional management entail?

This blog post outlines what we mean, as well as the implications for you and your corporate clients who stay with us.

What professional management means for your clients

Let us paint you a picture. When you make a corporate booking for one of your clients and they arrive at Dolphin Square to check-in, they’re going to want to get settled in quickly and to make themselves at home without any hassle. They’ve probably had a long journey to get here: An intercity train from somewhere in the UK or Europe. Maybe even an international flight, with a long train from the airport tacked on.

They’re not going to want any hassle checking in, or any issues when they get to their apartment. They’re going to want to settle in, relax, and prepare for work. Here’s how we provide that.

No hassle

Our staff are on hand to answer any questions or queries your clients might have while staying with us. Whether they want to know about our facilities, the local area, or anything else - we can help.

Keeping things clean

All of our apartments are cleaned weekly by maid service, meaning your client’s space is fresh, clean, and inviting. We know that when they’re home-from-home while travelling on business, no one wants to worry about the basic background necessities.

Smooth working environment

Will your clients need a meeting room while they’re staying with us? If so, we can help. You can either book on their behalf while making the initial booking, or they can speak to us on arrival to sort out what they need and when. Our meeting spaces come with a wealth of optional facilities and extras, which means your client can curate the space exactly as they need.

Finding their way

London is a big place with a lot to offer, and for visitors from abroad, arriving here can be a daunting prospect. If your clients have questions about what’s nearby, whether it’s working space or somewhere to grab a nice meal, we can help. And if they have questions about transport links? You guessed it: We can help with that, too. We can advise on how to get from A to B, wherever B may be. Pimlico tube station is just around the corner, but we can also advise on taxis, walking routes, and any other relevant transport.

Taken care of even while you’re away

If the corporate letting will be vacant for part of the tenancy, you know it will be in safe hands. Many corporate clients rent an apartment to be used intermittently as required, rather than to be lived in by one person for the duration. Knowing that the space will be looked after, kept clean, and kept ready for use at any time is a great source of reassurance.

What professional management means for you

As a corporate travel booking agent, you want your job to be stress-free, and for your client’s trip to be stress-free. Dolphin Square’s professional management team is fully aligned with these goals. Here’s what we offer.

1. Peace of mind

Once your booking is made, you don’t need to worry about your clients having a stressful time when they arrive. You can rest assured that they’ll be welcomed with open arms, checked in without hassle, and helped on their way, whatever they need to do.

2. Making future bookings easier

When your clients have an excellent stay with us - one where all their needs are met - then they’ll be more than happy to come back again. This cuts the time and stress required to find a suitable corporate letting next time they’re visiting London.

3. All your questions answered

Our team is available throughout the booking process to answer any questions you might have. If you’re looking for a corporate letting for one of your clients and you want to know whether Dolphin Square is a good fit, get in touch. We can guide you through the process and make sure you’re fully satisfied before booking. We also have a whole suite of resources on our website, including an e-book that outlines everything you need to know about corporate lettings in London.

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Welcomed with open arms

In short, Dolphin Square is ideally suited to cater for corporate travellers, regardless of the duration and nature of their visit to our city. Our serviced apartments are available for any length of time, and our short let corporate lettings start at a minimum of 90 days. Each lends itself particularly well to a certain type of business travel: Serviced apartments for short working trips to the capital, and short lets for longer-term trips, or for where the apartment will be used by different people as required.

When your client arrives at Dolphin Square, you can rest assured that all their needs will be met. Our team will welcome them with open arms and get them checked in and set up. They’ll find their apartment spotless and ready to be settled into, and they’ll feel home-from-home in no time. On top of that, our on-site amenities will give your clients everything they need to relax, recharge, and refuel. Our Bar & Grill provides high-quality British cuisine and an expansive drinks selection. Our gym provides all the traditional equipment as well as a wide range of classes. And our spa provides therapeutic treatments from around the world. Your clients will love it here, and we look forward to helping you with your booking.