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The best extended stay apartments in London

London | 4 MIN READ

Extended stay apartments in London are a popular way for professionals and travellers to cut costs and create a home away from home in the UK’s capital.

If you’re in London for more than a week, but less than six months, the idea of getting a hotel or renting a place can seem off-putting. The novelty of hotels is great at first, but who wants to return to an anonymous hotel room for months on end as the bill racks up? Furthermore, all the hassle and admin or renting can seem like a steep price to pay when you’re only going to be in the property for a month or two.

With this in mind, read on to find out what extended stay apartments are, and why we truly believe Dolphin Square offers the best in the capital.

Extended Stay Apartments: What It Means

So what exactly is an extended stay apartment? Extended stay apartments are apartments that you stay in for longer than a couple of weeks – the typical length of a holiday let – but for a shorter period of time than a traditional rental.

By using extended stay apartments in London, UK, you can circumvent the admin involved in short term renting. Furthermore, staying in a hotel for a month or so – especially in London – is a pricey affair, so by opting for an extended stay apartment you’ll be saving money.

Additionally, extended stay apartments can really be a home away from home: you’ll have your own big space and can come and go as you please, giving you privacy, independence, and home comforts. You’ll also have the room and equipment to entertain visiting family, friends, or colleagues. This can make all the difference to your time in London; the novelty of returning to an anonymous hotel every day after work quickly wears off.

The best extended stay apartments will also come with access to upscale amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, restaurants, bars, and spas. This lends your stay all the luxuries and novelty of a hotel stay, without the downsides.

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The Best Extended Stay Apartments In London

Dolphin Square Studio Apartment

Dolphin Square studio apartments boast bright and airy spaces with contemporary decor and upscale features. These newly refurbished spaces include fully integrated kitchens, equipped to the highest specifications, as well as modern bathrooms. The bedrooms and receptions are bright and spacious, while you’ll also benefit from our cleverly built in storage.

Our studios are perfect for lone travellers who are keen to stay in luxurious – but competitively priced – accommodation in the centre of London and close to a whole host of upscale amenities. Speaking of which, at Dolphin House, residents have access to our multi-award-winning Moroccan spa, our pool, gym, and tennis and squash courts. This makes staying active and looking after your wellbeing easy during your stay. There’s also our exquisite bar and grill, perfect for a delicious meal and a much-needed bottle of wine after a day at the office, and our shopping arcade where you can indulge in all the retail therapy your heart desires.

Located in Pimlico, at Dolphin House our residents are in the city centre, making travel to important locations simple and economical. As well as having all the bars and restaurants of well-heeled Pimlico on their doorstep, our apartments are located within walking distance from Mayfair, Chelsea, and other aspirational areas.

Dolphin Square one-bedroom apartment

The one-bedroom apartments at Dolphin Square are our most sought after property, and it’s easy to see why. These spaces range in size, layout, and location around the square, and are priced competitively depending on those factors. Each apartment is fitted to a high specification, with luxury furnishings ensuring a comfortable, pampered stay for all residents. The style of decor is chic and elegant, providing the perfect surrounds to relax in after a tiring day of work or sightseeing.

More spacious than our studio apartments, our one-beds are popular with single residents who prefer a little more space, as well as couples. Residents in our one-bedroom apartments, of course, have access to all of our luxury amenities. Relax after work with a game of tennis or take the pace down with a relaxing stroll in our delightful communal gardens. At the weekend, head out to the gym before meeting family or friends in our upscale bar and grill.

You’ll be perfectly placed to explore leafy Pimlico, as well as desirable surrounding areas such as Mayfair and Chelsea. Furthermore, Pimlico is in the Westminster borough, in the heart of London, but outside the congestion zone. It’s also in zone one so getting from A to B is a cinch, and you won’t waste money on long commutes. Furthermore, we offer private underground parking at our apartments.

Dolphin Square two-bedroom apartment

Located in picturesque Pimlico, Dolphin Square’s exquisite two-bedroom apartments provide a calming, spacious oasis from the hustle and bustle of London city centre. Plush furnishings and chic decor ensure residents live in the lap of luxury during their time at London’s most distinguished rental address.

Our beautiful apartments feature two bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a reception area and a kitchen and are perfect for families or professionals who want to share accommodation. You can choose between apartments with two double bedrooms, and with one double bedroom and one single. Furthermore, choose a standard two-bedroom apartment, or opt to pay a little extra for the luxe option.

Transport is a cinch when you’re staying at Dolphin House. For those using public transport, there are excellent transport links nearby, with the property being in Zone 1 (and the Westminster borough) meaning you won’t have far to travel – or have to spend much – to hit central London. If you’re a driver, you’ll be pleased to hear that underground parking is available, and despite being in central London, Dolphin Square is outside the congestion zone.

The amenities available to residents mean you can make wellbeing and enjoyment a priority during your stay. Make the most of our swimming pool, gym, spa, and tennis and squash courts to stay on top of your game, or visit our shopping arcade or upmarket bar and grill to relax.


If an extended stay apartment feels right for your time in the UK capital, then we’d recommend taking a look at Dolphin Square’s extended stay apartments. We really do believe they’re the best in London. With a range of apartment sizes and rental rates, our beautifully furnished, chic apartments provide a heavenly home away from home during your time in London. Moreover, our central Pimlico location means you’ll be well-positioned to make the most of your time in the capital, with all the attractions of Westminster, Chelsea, and Mayfair just a stone’s throw away.

Browse our range of chic apartments here, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about life at Dolphin Square.