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What guest amenities can I expect when I rent a 1-bed studio apartment in London?

London | 4 MIN READ

There’s a certain charm to a 1-bed studio apartment: A compact and cosy space where you can relax and recharge after a busy day at work. In this article we’ll outline the types of amenities you can (and should!) expect from a 1-bed studio. After reading, it’s our hope that you’ll have a better understanding of the factors that change an apartment from a place to stay, to a place that feels like home.

What guest amenities are typically included in a 1-bed studio apartment rental in London?

If you’ve been hunting for accommodation for a while, you’ve probably seen all sorts of options. On one end of the spectrum are box rooms with nothing more than a bed to lay on and a bathroom for your ablutions. Move along the spectrum, however, and you can find some truly glorious places to stay.

If you’re looking for the latter (and who wouldn’t be!), pay careful attention to the amenities. These are features not typically included in the apartment itself, but rather supplementary features that enhance your time spent there. Amenities contribute to that home-from-home feeling, as well as helping you to squeeze value for money from your stay.

Here’s what to look out for -

1. On-site restaurant

While London is one of the finest cities in the world for dining, there’s nothing quite as comforting as being able to get dinner on-site. At Dolphin Square, or Bar & Grill is located just a short walk from the front door of your serviced apartment.

Head down to our dining room and you’ll be greeted by a professional waiting staff, and handed a menu that lists some truly mouth-watering variations on traditional British cooking. Then, you’ll be offered a wine list. And if you’re feeling indulgent, you can select your favourite tipple from a selection curated by a sommelier who understands the difference between good wine, and great wine.

We believe that food and drink are gateways to the soul, so we invest extra effort in ensuring that our on-site restaurant never fails to deliver.

2. On-site gym

Not all of us are gourmands, we grant you. Some amongst us prefer to work up a sweat and burn through their excess energy reserves, rather than enjoying a fine steak and a glass of wine.

If this is you, then selecting a serviced apartment that offers access to an on-site gym should be priority. Such facilities can range in scope from small rooms with a few weights dotted around, to fully-equipped gym areas with the latest equipment and trained staff offering all manner of classes to get your blood pumping.

At Dolphin Square, we offer the latter. Our gym is replete with cutting-edge equipment, and our team of trainers offer classes in everything from pilates and yoga, to spinning and HIIT. Whatever a good workout looks like for you, we’ve got what you need to achieve it.

3. On-site spa

Alongside the gourmands and gymgoers are those of us who want nothing more than to relax. To unwind and destress after time spent in the hectic hullabaloo of old London town. If this sounds like you, then an on-site spa should be high on your list of requisite amenities when choosing a serviced apartment in London.

And again (you guessed it), Dolphin Square is on hand to deliver. Our Spa, inspired by the exotic and sumptuous Moroccan culture, offers all manner of indulgent treatments to help remove every ounce of stress and tension from your body. Whether you want to bask in the sultry heat of a sauna, or treat your entire body to a vigorous session of massage, our spa team can help.

We believe that nothing is more conducive to feeling home from home than being able to truly relax into your space. We also believe that our spa team are adept at helping our guests to achieve this, however stressed they may be feeling when they arrive.

4. On-site parking

Parking isn’t quite as exciting as cuisine, physical prowess, or true relaxation. But in London, it is just as important. While myriad steps are being taken to discourage driving in the capital, for some of us it is a simply indispensable aspect of our daily lives.

If this is you, you’ll benefit enormously from staying somewhere with on-site parking. At the end of a long workday, driving up and down endless backstreets looking for a space that’s a) empty, b) big enough and c) legal to park in is a surprisingly difficult task.

Save yourself the hassle of parking permits, expensive tickets, and over-zealous parking wardens. Instead, choose a serviced apartment where on-site parking is offered. Your vehicle will be secure, and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that it’s downstairs waiting for you, rather than halfway across the neighbourhood on a dingy backstreet.

5. 24-hour security

Wherever you stay, you’ll want to feel safe and secure. You’ll want to know that you can return to your accommodation in the middle of the night, and make your way to your room without having to look over your shoulder. 

We understand this, and everyone on our 24-hour security team is hand-picked to ensure that you feel this complete peace of mind throughout your stay at Dolphin Square.

When selecting an executive serviced apartment in London, take the time to ensure the security is up to scratch. Nothing detracts from a comfortable accommodation experience more than the sensation that you can’t quite relax into the space, for fear of something going awry.

What studio apartment facilities can you expect during your stay at Dolphin Square?

At Dolphin Square we offer all of the amenities listed above, and much more. We understand that enjoyable accommodation is about more than a comfortable bed and a place to shower. It’s about fostering that home-from-home feeling, by giving you the means to satisfy your every need on site.

Whether you plan to pump iron at every spare moment, or you prefer to relax with a good book and a glass of wine in our dining room, we’ve got what you need. We aspire to offer every one of our guests the things that help them to relax and feel at home.

Let’s wrap it up

By now, you should have a good understanding of the amenities available to make your stay at a serviced studio apartment perfect. We’d love to show you around Dolphin Square, and to showcase how your time in one of our luxurious 1-bed studio apartments can be enhanced through our generous amenities.

Book now: It’ll be the best decision you make today.